Posture Brace Reviews - Unbiased posture brace product reviews and ratings with comparison chart featuring 25 of the most popular devices.

  • Our Recommended Posture Products - The SheerPosture is an adjustable, unisex one-size-fits-most traditional posture brace that is comfortable, effective, and affordable.  It provides just t
  • SheerPosture Posture Support Review -   The SheerPosture is a one-size-fits-most unisex posture support that is designed to prevent shoulder slouch and correct poor posture. It’s a one pie
  • Product review of the Alignmed Posture Shirt 2.0 - Does this shirt actually work? Review and feedback of the Alignmed Posture Shirt 2.0 from an actual user who put this shirt to the test.
  • Review of the EquiFit ShouldersBack original and lite – Does it help with bad posture? - The claim: the ShouldersBack helps to correct bad posture. Is this true? I tried out the original and lite for two week and wrote a review about my experience.
  • Lumo Lift by Lumo Body Tech – An unbiased product review - A few years ago, I recall coming across a KickStarter campaign that was created for a new wearable electronic device that could sync to your smart phone
  • Detailed review of the PostureNow – Is it legit or a scam? - A detailed review of the Posturenow with multiple photos, user testimony, and recommendation. Does it work or is it a scam?
  • Review of the Posture Medic / Posture Perfector – Is it worth the money? - How does the Posture Medic Measure up? I put this product to the test and wrote a review sharing the pros and cons that were found
  • Bax-U Posture Support System review – Does it really help to correct bad posture? - I put the Bax-U posture support system to the test and the results are in. Did it help with my bad posture? Was it comfortable? Easy to use?
  • Review of the S3 Spinal Q posture brace rehab jacket by Alignmed- Is it worth the money? - A user review complete with photos and opinion. Should I buy the SpinalQ? Find the answer to this question and many more.
  • AirStream Tee by Intelliskin – A product review with photos and video - Just in time for summer, Intelliskin has introduced yet another addition to their product line. The AirStream tee is the latest in clinically proven appare
  • Intelliskin Foundation 2.0 / Eve Shirt Review – A Compression Shirt That Improves Posture - This extensive product review that examines the mechanics behind the Intelliskin shirt and answers the question “Does this product really work?”
  • Spidermed II by Med Patent – A complete product description and review - The Spidermed II is produced by Med Patent, a rehabilitation and orthopedic company that is based out of Warszawa, Poland. According to their website, for
  • StandUpStr8 posture strengthener product review – Does it really work? - Recently introduced to the market, the StandUpStr8 is a product that is designed to assist those who suffer from poor posture. What exactly is the StandUp
  • Review of the Body-Rite Posture Pleaser by Mageyes – Just another gimmick or the real deal? - An actual user product review of the Body-Rite Posture Pleaser by Mageyes. Does this product work or is it a gimmick? A detailed review with pictures.
  • ITA-MED Posture Corrector TLSO-250 review – A complete unbiased account with photos and video - A complete review of the TLSO-250 by ITA-MED. An actual account with images and video documenting the use of the TLSO as a posture corrector
  • User review of Str8-n-Up shoulder support for better posture - Exactly what do you get with the Str8-n-Up? Does this support really help with bad posture? I tested this support and wrote a detailed product review.
  • Xforce posture corrective brace by Surgik – A complete product review - Does the Xforce posture support really work? I put one to the test and reveal the pros and cons of this product.
  • Faburo Posture Correction Back Brace product review – Does this posture support really work? - Read this review first before buying the Faburo. A detailed product review including photos and video. Understand the pros and cons prior to making a decision.
  • Posture CorreX T106 by Xback – Complete product review and analysis - How does the Posture CorreX brace compare to other posture braces? Is the design functional? Find out the answers to these questions and several others.
  • Backtone Posture Corrector Product Review – A complete analysis - In a world where traditional posture supports once ruled, bio-feedback posture trainers such as the Backtone are quickly becoming a preferred method of cor
  • FootSmart Posture Corrective Brace – Is this really a solution for bad posture? - The Posture Corrective Brace is sold by Footsmart, a Norcross, Georgia company who as their name implies, specializes primarily in socks, shoes, and other
  • Posture Perfect Band by Underworks – A complete product review and analysis - The Posture Perfect Band is manufactured by Underworks, a Miami Florida based company that sells post-surgical garments for both men and women. It is one o
  • Pro-Lite Deluxe Clavicle Support by FLA – Does it help to correct poor posture? - The Pro-Lite Deluxe clavicle support by FLA is a figure-eight style brace that can be used to assist with sprains, shoulder instability, clavicle fractures
  • Posturific Posture Support Review – Is it Worth Buying? - Is the Posturific worth buying? This review answers this exact question as well as several others.
  • Iposture posture monitor review – Is it worth the money? - What exactly is the iPosture and how does it compare to other posture trainers?
  • Review of the Original Cincher back and posture support – Will it help my posture? - Are you considering the Original Cincher? It is worth it? Learn if this product may help your posture.
  • Produt Review of the Royal Posture Support - Is the Royal Posture worth buying? This product review weighs the pros and cons of this brace and assists with making a decision.

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  • Loki Pritchard - Product changed from "Unbelievably Awesome" to "Terrible"

    I had been using this face cream for at least a couple of years and I absolutely loved it- I'd always buy it in bulk online. I have very problematic skin and this was the only cream that actually made my skin glow! The scent was marvelous, as well as the texture of the cream. It was a very luxurious experience that made me look forward to washing my face!

  • Billy - Great for my 2-3 year old!

    My son loves this bike. It's great balance training, I'm expecting a smooth transition to a pedal bike! If your's doesn't love the bike at first sight, keep trying some. Once they get the hang of it, they'll love it!

  • Firewire - Nice looking upgrade

    This cover provides a nice strong durable look to the Wrangler. I didn't care for the bright chrome as it was too distracting to me. The black gives a nice stout look with it's small silver hex screws. Installation was fairly easy. Removing the old requires removing two screws from the tail light and then basically trying to pinch out the old filler piece and snapping this one in place. Takes some finger muscle to get it done, but I really like the look and hope it makes filling up in the snow and ice easier by keeping the gas cap free of debris.

  • J. Morgan - Heavenly scent

    This cream smells so good, and feels so nice on my skin, that I use it where I don't have stretch marks. I had originally purchased this cream during my first pregnancy to avoid stretch marks. I'm not saying the cream worked (it may just be my genetics) but I haven't gotten a single stretch mark in any of my three pregnancies. I am not currently pregnant but still use this cream because I love smelling like chocolate :)

  • George A. Hill - I Can't Stant This Business Model!!

    I wish I would have waited to research this product before I bought it. I was in a store when I saw the flashy package, the great claims, and the low price. I figured, "What have I got to lose?" From the very start, I did not like the huge amount of personal information you had to enter just to register for the site. The amount of even the demographic information, which was mandatory, was out of bounds. However, I could get by all of this. I could even get by the fact that just about everything you clicked came with a commercial. What sent me over the edge, and straight here to warn others, was the fact that while you are watching ANYTHING, a pop up box will appear in the middle of the screen which is set up to FORCE you to click it to get it off of the middle of the screen. The strong arm tactics they are using is ridiculous, un-called for, and scandalous. I will go where ever I need to go to stop companies like this from perpetuating such a terrible means of doing business.

  • Amazon Customer - The book was very easy to read

    I loved it, and it was very interesting and informative. I am new to the craft, plan to study the craft, and use it all the time

  • Julie - Cute and soft

    Super soft memory foam on a velvet material. Easy to put baby just right on pillow and my 2.5 month old has no flat spot. Spit up is easy to clean off and wash. I do not let my daughter sleep on it just use it when she is awake.