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  • LexiDavid - Very clear and feature rich - A significant improvement over the M50

    I bought the Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset hoping it would improve my comprehensibility particularly while driving. In the five months prior I had been using the Plantronics M50, but had received numerous complaints of poor voice quality even though I could hear my counterparts very well. They often stated that it sounded like I was talking in a wind storm. After connecting the device to my iPhone 5, which it does very quickly. I placed a few test calls, which went well. A few weeks after getting the headset I talked with a coworker in California for the entire length of my commute, at the end of my call I asked him if he had any issues understanding me, and he said he did not. While this device is about twice the cost of the M50, if you are going to be talking while driving or moving about, I would recommend the Legend over the M50.

  • Jules - No lie! the Design Essential product line really stimulates ...

    No lie! the Design Essential product line really stimulates your scalp, with a slight tingle feeling. I've been using this product for a year now and it never disappoints.

  • Anne - Great National Park Quarter Book

    For the latest US quarter design theme, this is a fantastic collectors book. The coin slots are a perfect fit, so you don't have to hammer the coin in or worry about them popping out later. This is also a coin collector's book for just one design each. No space for a P and a D, just one each. Which I don't really care for, I just enjoy looking at the designs. This was a gift for someone special and it was well recieved. Thanks!

  • Porschelover - Bad Company - Product is Junk!

    I'm a CPA and have been using Peachtree for about 25 years. Normally, I would recommend this product to anyone that understands a general ledger and related source journals - if you don't, Quickbooks is clearly a better choice. My problem with this company is their inability to keep up with changes in customer operating systems. Updates are pushed through to your computer when you close the program down, so you must have an internet connection at all times. My computer with windows 7 died and I replaced it with a machine that had windows 8. Back in December, I paid something like $300 for the payroll module that goes with Sage 50. Unfortunately, it's not compatible with Win 8. I contacted customer service and requested a refund...I paid $300 for 2013 payroll and I can't use it. They do not have an upgrade for Win 8 and could offer no timeline as to when one might be available. I have payrolls to run, and I can't and as far as a refund is concerned, their position...too bad, so sad. The accounting software is not updating either. I guess I can use it for now, but it does not appear to be supported. I took a break at writing this review to check out Intuits products...Lacerte tax software, quickbooks...all seem to have versions that work with Win 8. Most software companies work with Microsoft when they're developing a new operating system. What happened, Sage? Man, did you guys drop the ball on this one. I'm going to do what I should have done years ago...cut my losses and switch to quickbooks. At least Intuit keeps on top of operating system changes. If Sage doesn't bite the bullet as the result of a class action lawsuit, they're doomed by virtue of the fact that they have the worst customer service imaginable. If you have a small business, I'd recommend anything else...even a damn spreadsheet!

  • Amazon Customer - This camera is really quite nice for the price

    This camera is really quite nice for the price. The picture quality is fairly good and the pan and tilt features are very useful (it does not zoom). It was not very difficult to set up and start using. I've had mine working for the past couple of weeks without any problems at all. Operating the camera through a web browser is very easy and smooth while the controls in the the mobile app are a bit clunky and difficult at times, but certainly do not detract from the camera's usefulness.