Navamedic - Start - Navamedic ASA is a Norwegian pharmaceutical products company, marketing and distributing more than 120 products in the Nordic and Benelux markets. Navamedic ASA, with its HQ based in Lysaker, Norway is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker: NAVA).

  • Portfolio - Navamedic - Navamedic ASA is a Norwegian pharmaceutical products company, marketing and distributing more than 120 products in the Nordic and Benelux markets. The Company operates in four business areas; Pharma Products, Medical Nutrition, Consumer Care and Medte…
  • Investor relations - Navamedic - Navamedic ASA aims to generate shareholder value by becoming an international pharmaceutical company.
  • About Navamedic - Navamedic - Navamedic ASA (Navamedic) is a Norwegian pharmaceutical company that inlicenses and/ or buys and markets pharmaceuticals and other health care products in northern Europe.
  • About Sippi® - Navamedic - Navamedic Medtech are proud to release our first product to the healthcare market.
  • Business Development - Navamedic - The preferred Nordic partner for your pharmaceutical or medical device product.
  • Our products - Navamedic - The portfolio includes generic, branded and patented pharmaceuticals as well as medical devices. The products are sold to hospitals, through pharmacies and directly to medical professionals. The Consumer care product portfolio includes a var…
  • Medtech - Navamedic - Navamedic Medtech's vision is to develop innovative medical technology products that benefit patients and healthcare professionals. We at Navamedic Medtech have one strong credo: We help our customers and their patients through the design of innovati…
  • Medical nutrition - Navamedic - The Medical nutrition business segment is based on the sale of products for the treatment of inborn errors of metabolism (IEM). It includes the distribution agreement with the UK based Company Vitaflo International ltd for the Nordic region. Vitaflo In…
  • Commences distribution of Imdur® in Europe - Navamedic - Oslo, 22 September 16 2016 – Navamedic ASA (Navamedic), the Norwegian medtech and pharmaceutical products company, today announced it has commenced distribution of angina prevention medicine, Imdur® (isosorbide mononitrate), in the Nordic markets. The …
  • GeloRevoice® - Navamedic - GeloRevoice ® relieves throat maladies such as hoarseness, throat irritation, tickly throat and dry mucous membranes, which lead to a sore throat or an unproductive, dry cough.

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    City: 18.056 , Sweden

  • slowbutshure - Fun on a bike

    If you love bikes and the bicycle life style, but are not really into racing either as a participant or observer, this magazine is a good one. Fun on a bicycle seems to be a common theme.

  • J. Ellis - You are gambling on receiving a good unit if you purchase this.

    I received my first AC 5300 on April 6, 2016. It lasted 23 days before it stopped working. By "stopped working" I mean that when I came home from work one day, my Internet was down but the network was up. I work in IT so I dug into this as much as I could. My WiFI scanner showed me that the unit was still broadcasting, no issues there. Additionally I disconnected from the wireless network and had to use my credentials to get back in, so authentication was still working.. just no internet. It was the same across all 3 bands. The default admin page () displayed the message ""Settings have been updated. Web page will now refresh. Changes have been made to the IP address or Port number. You will now be disconnected from the RT-AC5300. To access the settings reconnect to the wireless network and use the updated IP address and Port number." This was very curious because I did NOT make any changes! I thought perhaps it was a browser issue, so I tried Chrome, Firefox, and IE. You can't clear your cache very easily with Chrome, so I cleared my cache in Firefox and IE. No change. I tried to hit the IP address instead, default should have been I received the same message. ipconfig showed me that DHCP was blank.. very odd. I hooked a laptop to my modem directly and immediately had internet access. Not a problem with my ISP or modem. I hooked a laptop to the router directly and pinged my entire IP range. Nothing was returned that I didn't already know about from the existing table. Router effectively dropped out of my network. As a last resort, I factory reset it with a paperclip. This time when I connected I saw the original configuration page for about 10 seconds before receiving the "settings have been updated" page again, the window refreshed itself into that. After a factory reset.. OK. I factory reset it again, this time using a needle just in case the paperclip was too thick. This time the settings page came up directly instead of the config page. Yuck.

  • E. E. Jacquot - Be aware that this book contains some pretty notable mistakes

    Be aware that this book contains some pretty notable mistakes. Specifically, on pg 132, the diagram of the heart is labeled wrong in two places (the atria are both mislabeled as "right aorta"). There is no contact information anywhere for the publisher, and it appears they print the book once you order it. I would recommend going with a bigger name publisher/study guide for this type of material.

  • Carol Wagner - Beautiful and Timeless

    Have listened to the entire recording every day since I received it 10/7/2016, and never tire of it. The words are intimate and soulful. Love every single note!!! Obviously Barry Gibb has his 'hands in the fire, forever young.'

  • Valentino - FIVE STARS - NO REGRETS

    Ignore the techies that are bad-mouthing this wonderful little guy. He is engaging, fascinating and just plain cute. You can't help loving him and his personality! I am a high school teacher, and my students all fell in love with Cozmo, as did my colleagues. I preordered him about 2 months ago directly from Anki. Because of the price, I hesitated and debated cancelling my order. So very glad I didn't. He's a marvel. Great for STEM & STEAM classes because of the tech/Pixar magic overlap.

  • M. Magpoc - Absolutely does not work.

    I should have saved my money. Definitely not worth the money I spent. Diet pills do not work. Just need daily exercise and better eating habits.