A Personal Choice: Vasectomy and Vasectomy Reversal - Offering patients vasectomy, vasectomy reversal, tubal ligation reversal, and essure reversal surgery in a supportive and nonjudgmental environment.

  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/about/ About A Personal Choice - A Personal Choice is the private practice of Dr. Charles Monteith who specializes in tubal ligation reversal, vasectomy reversal, and no-scalpel vasectomy.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/about-dr-monteith/ Dr. Monteith: Expert Fertility Surgeon for Men and Women - Dr. Monteith specializes in Gentle Touch vasectomy, mini-incision vasectomy reversal, tubal ligation reversal, and Essure removal and reversal surgery.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/vasectomy/ Dr. Monteith expert in no-needle no-scalpel vasectomy - Dr. Monteith provides affordable no-needle no-scalpel vasectomy with a Gentle Touch and in a single appointment.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/vasectomy-reversal/ Single Mini-incision Vasectomy Reversal - Affordable mini-incision vasectomy reversal with quick recovery and maximal success.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/tubal-ligation-reversal-with-dr-monteith/ Tubal Ligation Reversal With A Caring Fertility Expert - Extensive experience in tubal ligation reversal surgery and surgery to remove and reverse Essure tubal occlusion.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/our-facility/ A Personal Choice: A Facility for Vasectomy and Reversal - Minimally invasive vasectomy and vasectomy reversal surgery occur at this modern facility dedicated to vasectomy and male and female sterilization reversal.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/vasectomy-why-us/ The Best Place To Have A Vasectomy - The best place to have a vasectomy is with Dr. Monteith of A Personal Choice. He offers 10 major reasons why he offers the best vasectomy experience.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/vasectomy-explained/ Common Vasectomy Myths Explained - Vasectomy is easily explained by understanding simple anatomy. Common concerns are answered and common myths are dispelled.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/gentle-touch-vasectomy/ Gentle Touch Vasectomy: Better Than No-Scalpel Vasectomy - Gentle Touch vasectomy combines no-needle vasectomy with no-scalpel vasectomy to offer men the easiest, most effective and safest vasectomy procedure available.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/benefits-of-vasectomy/ Benefits of Vasectomy at A Personal Choice - Vasectomy at A Personal Choice is a simple procedure performed in under 10 minutes with benefits to men, women, and their families.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/risks-of-vasectomy/ Risks of Vasectomy With Easy To Understand Explanations - The risks of vasectomy are clearly explained by expert vasectomy provider Dr. Charles Monteith of A Personal Choice.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/cost-of-vasectomy/ Cost of Vasectomy at A Personal Choice - Dr. Monteith provides the most advanced no-needle vasectomy at an affordable price and offers discounts to men who don't have good vasectomy insurance coverage.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/scheduling-your-vasectomy/ Scheduling Your Vasectomy Is Easy! Just 5 Simple Steps - Dr. Monteith offers patients quick and easy scheduling for vasectomy. Patients can choose either a consultation or a single vasectomy procedure only visit.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/vasectomy-reversal/vasectomy-reversal-doctor-raleigh-north-carolina-why-us/ Vasectomy Reversal Doctor Raleigh North Carolina: Why Us? - Vasectomy Reversal Doctor Raleigh North Carolina | Offering vasectomy reversal in Raleigh NC at A Personal Choice with Doctor Monteith.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/vasectomy-reversal-explained/ Vasectomy Reversal Explained - Vasectomy reversal can be very successful and most men will experience a return of fertility.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/mini-incision-vasectomy-reversal/ Vasectomy Reversal Using A Mini Incision Technique - Mini-incision vasectomy reversal is offerred in Raleigh, North Carolina at A Personal Choice by dedicated sterilization reversal professionals.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/benefits-of-vasectomy-reversal/ Reversing Vasectomy Offers You Many Benefits - Reversing vasectomy allows couples the ability to become naturally pregnant again, more than once, and without multiple doctor's visits and medical treatments.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/risks-of-vasectomy-reversal/ Risks of Vasectomy Reversal - Vasectomy reversal is a safe procedure with minimal risks. Most men who have a vasectomy reversed will have success and will be able to father a child.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/cost-of-vasectomy-reversal/ Cost of Vasectomy Reversal - The all inclusive cost of mini-incision vasectomy reversal at A Personal Choice is $6500.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/tubal-reversal-explained/ Tubal Reversal Surgery Explained - Many mistakenly believe tubal ligation cannot be reversed. Age and type of tubal ligation are important to success but tubal reversal can be better than IVF.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/mini-incision-tubal-reversal-surgery/ Tubal Reversal Through A Small Incision - We specialize in affordable, outpatient mini-incision tubal reversal providing our patients with the highest pregnancy success rates after reversal surgery.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/benefits-of-tubal-reversal/ Benefits Of Tubal Reversal Surgery - Tubal ligation reversal has many benefits: more successful, more natural, and more affordable than in-vitro fertilization treatment.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/risks-of-tubal-reversal-surgery/ Risks of Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery - Tubal reversal can be safely performed in an outpatient setting. Dr. Monteith has perfected mini-incision tubal reversal as a safe alternative to IVF treatment.
  • https://www.bestvasectomy.com/cost-of-tubal-reversal/ Cost of Tubal Reversal Surgery - Tubal ligation and Essure reversal are affordable surgeries at A Personal Choice. The cost of reversal surgery is within reach of many couples.

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  • Brandon Folkman - Great wrenches, meh on the canvas pouch

    The canvas pouch is definitely not the highest quality and totally smells weird, but it is perfectly functional. I do anticipate I'll have to ducktape a few corners as some point, though. The wrenches work really well and every size I could want is available. I've used these for a few projects, including some light plumbing, and they performed admirably.

  • C. L. - Worth the money.

    I have rosacea and I'm 47. This product was recommended to me a few years ago and so far it is the only product I have found that gently cleanses without stripping my skin. This and the camomile lotion is all that I need and my skin calms down. Does not leave you skin dry.

  • Anna - Awesome!

    Awesome book/series! I love every single character, plot and story line. I never want the Medlov series to end. I want another story with each man again, especially Vasily, I really need more of him and lilly. Thank you Mrs Nelson for being a amazing writer and for giving me an amazing escape.