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  • Archibald Tuttle - Learn to XBMC

    Guess what? You probably already own an amazing machine that will connect you to thousands if not millions of media options! It's called a computer. You can't use a Rabbit TV without one, but you can sure use one without a Rabbit TV. This thing is less than worthless. Google XBMC. Watch a tutorial on YouTube to learn how to set it up. If you can figure it out, you have at your disposal a much more diverse and functional media solution than Rabbit TV, and you don't have to give anybody 8 bucks.

  • Keahi - Cool cleanse and really got me into a schedule as ...

    Came within days. Absurdly expensive, but did it with my coworkers and we each lost 10 pounds within the week! Cool cleanse and really got me into a schedule as well as better eating habits. However, before you start, make sure you're willing to keep doing it and stay on a strict diet, otherwise you'll gain the weight back quickly (as with all diets like this one).

  • emrm - Loads of information...

    Very useful insights. I read it on kindle and it would have been easier to use in a regular book format. I then signed up for their online services and I like the regular updates and recommendations better than the annual summary. However, you really need to read one year of the almanac to get the foundation of what they are talking about before going to their online subscription.

  • Tweezer - Worth the price even with the bobo rubber strip

    They look like OEM style racks for the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee and securely fit on the flush rails. One thing yo call out is there is a rubber strip that slides into the top opening. This strips easily comes undone when moving a cargo box in place. That aspect is pretty bobo but I'm not sure if the Mopar rails have the same. The product states it is rated for 150#s. It held a full SkyBox 16 of gear at 80mph just fine. They are very quiet as well. Worth the price considering all the other manufacturer's bailed on supporting the Jeep's flush side rails.

  • Buman - The real thing

    Finally a complete work out that really works (therefore that also means that its Kinect feature works!) It is also challenging as well. No stupid Avatar: you see yourself. Great collection of exercises as well as the Yoga part. Very very well done....

  • Weixing Chen - cool design and versatile features

    I have been using MYNT Smart Tracker for a few months. I like the easiness to use and compact size. Use it for car location tracking, camera remote control and pace activities tracking.

  • Southern Dad - Product saved my life

    At 46, I never thought I had to worry about my blood pressure. I'm a gadget person. I bought it because it was a new gadget. My readings were off the charts. The device is accurate and easy to use. It works with the iPhone and the iPad.