Health for your size. Modern nutraceuticals, dietary supplements according blood group - Dietary supplements and nutraceuticals in a modern living style. Feeding of blood type and fitness for health and slimming. Business of CaliVita MLM Club - the way of your success.

  • Dietary supplements and nutraceuticals of CaliVita International. Catalogue. - Vitamins, newest dietary supplements. Nutraceuticals with vitamin and mineral compositions, herbal complexes, nutraceutics according to blood grop, nutraceutical cosmetics, electronics.
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  • Healthcare Devices of CaliVita Electronics: Bio-Harmonex, Aquarion, Communiguard. - Healthcare devices impact on the information structure of our body. They normalize information fields of cells, return its electromagnetic vibrations in the healthy state.
  • Parasites - 'colonizers' of the XXI century - The problem of widespread contamination by parasites is relevant today in the world. The most common types of parasites are giardia, intestinal worms, and fungi. Proceedings of the thematic center 'Planet of Health'.
  • Why do we need vitamins? Catalog of vitamins and antioxidants - Even with a balanced and varied diet, modern man has a deficit for most vitamins by 20-30%. In fact, many people have even more profound vitamin deficiency. Catalogue of dietary supplements.
  • What we need to know about antioxidants? Catalog of vitamins and antioxidants - Antioxidants have beneficial effects in prevention and treatment many diseases which occur because of free radicals. Catalogue of dietary supplements.
  • Dietary supplements and nutraceuticals: multivitamins, complexes for blood groups - Multivitamins from natural sources for children, adults, athletes, other people groups. Unique nutraceuticals according blood group. Catalogue of dietary supplements.
  • Parapharmaceuticals - Natural Medicines. Catalog of dietary supplements - Parapharmaceuticals are nutraceuticals based on medicinal plants. Their role is to enhance the adaptive capacities of the organism in extreme circumstances. Catalog of CaliVita nutraceuticals.
  • Liquid Nutraceuticals of CaliVita International. Catalog of dietary supplements - The advantage of liquid dietary supplements is to their bio-available, easily digestible form. Elite collection of CaliVita nutraceuticals.
  • Target Nutraceuticals of CaliVita International. Catalog of dietary supplements - The use of nutraceuticals in the therapy is often more natural than the use of drugs. Catalog of CaliVita nutraceuticals.
  • Nopal against diabetes and obesity - Drug Nopalin of nopal cactus helps in the treatment of diabetes. Amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other substances contained in Nopal, promote normalization of body homeostasis. Proceedings of the thematic center 'Planet of Health'.

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  • J Bean - This is a great lip gloss for the price and it does plump

    This is a great lip gloss for the price and it does plump. If you like lip gloss you have to try it. The price is right!! Compared to other vendors that charge $40.00 for a lip plumper -- this is as good, if not better!

  • MayanGoddess - Huge disappointment from a former fan.

    I've had 2 previous Keurig models, and I've given 3 of them as gifts to family and friends. I've been a vocal fan and proponent for years, so I was very excited for the new version, but within an hour of setting it up, I found that I hate this model and will be returning it.