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  • Aimee bush - So cute

    It's what I wanted I started this collection for my niece this year and I have the collection if my own and my nice was born on the same year as the Barbie came out

  • pdcam99 - Great vacuum until it breaks

    I bought my Liftaway last week, used it for a day and was very pleased; it sucked up dog hair and years of dust from our carpets. I also used the Liftaway feature to clean all my stairs. When I tried to revert back to upright mode, one of the buttons broke so I could not detach the turbo brush.

  • Amazon Customer - I am running my company's inbound shipping like a pro using MS Access with the help of ...

    Watch out work, you just got a new junior data scientist. Seriously though, I inherited a messy excel database and had to make sense of it quick. With the help of some outsourced IT support and this book, I am running my company's inbound shipping like a pro using MS Access with the help of this book. I now keep it at my desk and earmark stuff like crazy.

  • Tony D - OK - But there are better alternatives

    This is the first book of this type that I've bought that didn't have an index. When I get a book like this I sometimes want to quickly check out high blood pressure or high cholesterol - but no index in this book.

  • mama Kenz - Loving it so far!

    Just opened this today... I cleaned it up with a bit of dish soap and water and then blending it before use. This is my preferred method for washing... I used it on the bullet I had. I made a smoothie in it to test it out. It worked wonderfully, I would say on par with Jamba Juice consistency. It is not completely smooth, but it is the texture I was hoping for (i could distinguish flecks of the lettuce and spinach but they were just flecks). I only blended it for thirty seconds though, but my two year old who has strep throat/pneumonia currently loved it! It was small enough that it didn't seem to aggravate is "ows." We also made some deviled ham (I over processed a bit, I will have to adjust to this one vs the bullet, but it was still better than grating!) I also made a snow cone type thing/shaved ice for my sickie baby, and he loved it. It was a bit denser than I expected (kind of like a ball of hail) but like I said it made my little happy, so I am content with it.