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  • Debaboo - Great stuff!

    I am using BOTH the Pronenix and the Acnexus. I really think they are the same, I can't see a difference in smell, texture or performance. I LOVE them both. I use the Acnexus in the shower because of the pump, and I like to use it on my back, chest and face. Just like the Pronexin, it leaves my face soft and REALLY clean feeling! REALLY LIKE IT LOTS!!! I'll continue to use it!

  • Donesha Thompson - OMG!! I am so convinced! My hair ...

    OMG!! I am so convinced! My hair is so much thicker than what it was a few weeks ago. I wear protective styles and usually there is a lot of shedding when I take them down. No.. Not this time. I had very little shedding and my hair felt strong and smooth after the take-down. I could hardly do a ponytail because even after I blow dried my hair... It was still so thick. I've also been using aloe Vera juice in my I guess the two together have really made a difference in my hair. I'm in awe of this product!