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  • monica p - Very personal, and right on the money

    So very representative of how I felt when I found out my husband was messing around with other women. The pain, there anguish, and the gut-wrenching decisions to be made for the children, losing my security, and feeling like I was losing my mind all at once. Dead on and extremely well written. I will read every book u come across from this wonderful author. Loved it!

  • Jacob Nil - dark net

    This book will give you clear and better understanding about what "dark net" is, what is the deep web as well as the pros and cons of using proxies, tor and etc. This book will broaden your knowledge about the topic and it'll surely give you ample information about deep web or dark web! Overall, it was a well-written, well-detailed and an informative guide that I highly recommend!

  • erchen - Handy

    Can't say too much because we didn't use it a lot, but we transferred some music and it worked fine. It's a very handy item to have.

  • fungi2b - A Mighty Wind

    It could use some brighter lights. Yes, it does sound like a jet engine. Also moves almost twice as much air as the other brands at well under half the cost--not having people try to ask questions while you cook is just a bonus.

  • Mary Anderson - Between cystex and azo, Azo wins, and this is the best deal around

    I have interstitial cystitis, a chronic illness that mimics UTI symptoms. I have found Azo to offer hands down the best pain relief and to allow me the best sleep at night during flares. I have used Cystex when I couldn't get my hands on Azo, but Azo is the best. Also, my doctors have warned me that long-term or frequent use of Cystex, which contains an anti-bacterial, may have similar side effect to long-term/frequent use of antibiotics, creating a fertile ground for aggressive and harmful gut bacteria. I haven't yet tried Urelle, which supposedly does a similar thing to Azo but makes your pee blue not orange. In any case I'm pretty happy with Azo and at this price.

  • bas bleu - Just what we were looking for

    This is one sturdy, compact hard working unit. I use it for everything from everyday cooking to keeping a pot of coffee warm in the living room in the evenings so that we don't have to run to the kitchen for the coffee pot. Watch it at first until you get used to how hot it heats at each heat level . And put something under the unit to protect the counter surface from excess heat. The price is wonderful. The unit is attractive and very easy to use. We love it. As another note we use it outside on the weekends to keep water hot for tea, or to keep coffee hot, or for fondue or keeping any sauce or dip hot, I just always have something under it to protect the surface area from too much heat. Wish I would have bought one of these 20 years ago.