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  • AmazonCustomer - Terribly Designed Software

    This software is targeted to the consumer market-- the weekend DIYers. It is far too unintuitive and complicated for this market. Be prepared to spend many, many hours learning to use this software. For example, editing the type and height of foundation (e.g. 4' crawlspace, brick-faced) is buried in layers of menus and options, and the type of siding on the floors reverts to plan default when these changes are made. So...you can change the type of siding for the entire house to brick, then edit the height of the crawlspace, and the siding reverts to the default white planks, which you then must go back in and change again. This effectively prohibits tinkering with designs.

  • MiserlyJuggler - Mysogonistic homophobic dirtbag proves he can rant to a ghost writer just like the grown up politicians.

    I did not buy this book but having been unable to look away from the traffic wrecks that are his live interviews I can only presume it's in much the same vein - poorly thought out an inadequately reseached.