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  • Christine Flower - Not What I Expected

    If you want to lose weight in your thighs, do cardio and watch youtube videos of thigh workouts, or go to the gym. This thigh master does not work, it hurts your inner thighs in the first five minutes of use - and NOT from burning fat - but because it is uncomfortable.

  • David - Works best for the younger ones

    This works best with the under 6 crowd, especially if you hide it outside and then pretend to find it. They are still gullible at that age and don't question that the skeleton is plastic. It's on the small side so you have to claim it's a baby or something. For the older kids, I think it's more educational than amazing.

  • luckysista - Easy to assemble, fun to use

    I highly recommend this workout product to anyone wanting to do something fun while getting healthier in the process. I burn more calories on this glider than on anything else I've done. [ie, walking for a whole hour equals to about 20-30 minutes on this machine.] It's really easy to assemble, you don't even need help from a man. ;D I find myself wanting to work out everyday so that's a good thing.

  • Amazon Customer - Simply Magical

    I am amazed at the quality of this binder. Not only does it hold an almost infinite number of women, upon unclipping the binder rings I found that they opened a portal to another dimension.

  • C. Ward - Not for sensitive skins!

    I tried a sample of "Intense Serum" tonight. At first, it felt Ok, although I noticed a film on my face and I tend to like products that absorb completely. Keeping an open mind, I did not wipe or wash off. Well sure enough,after an hour and building onward after that, my face felt the beginning of what I call a "chemical burn." I got an icepack but finally decided to just wash with COLD water and get rid of whatever product was left. I would NOT buy this product. I should have known better anyway: products that say "Anti-aging" and have ANY sort of "acid" etc. , are a big no-no for my sensitive skin. So BE CAREFUL if you have senstive skin .

  • Genevieve - Toxic messaging around romance

    I went back and forth on this, because I genuinely hate leaving bad reviews for authors, particularly authors whose past work I've admired. In this one though- I think it's important that parents/educators get a heads up about some of the messaging. There will be spoilers below, so please stop reading if you're uncomfortable with that