Ziath - Home - Ziath Ltd are experts in sample management, including instrument control and information management. We primarily focus on laboratory automation with customers in both the pharmaceutical / biotech and academic industries. In particular, we focus on managing large samples libraries (compound management, biobanking and sample management) using 2D datamatrix tubes. The directors have extensive experience of working with sample libraries and are experts within this field. Our support and expertise come as standard.

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  • imrich - not the best yet but not bad so far

    for me after taking it on an empty stomach, it made me more hungry but i will say it does help you feel full, only ate a little protein, healthy fat, carb/starch with veggies, i can go 3-4 hrs w/o feeling hungry but it did not help w/my sugar cravings. i do like the release of excess water not sure if burning fat yet. i do like the taste. i am not on low cal diet, i may see better result if i did but i do w/o but not oftern

  • R.K. - This Thing Sucks

    Let me preface this review by explaining that I rarely write reviews. In fact, I have never given a product I've purchased on Amazon a negative review--until now. I'm giving the Almond+ a negative review, because I feel so passionately about how truly bad this product is. I'm also annoyed that I was duped into buying this over an Airport Extreme, which somehow received a similar star rating on Amazon reviews. Anyway...

  • Ripkitty - makes it better

    These pills wiill make urination less painful for you while the antibiotics you got from the doc (you did go to the doc, didn't you?) cure the UTI. The only caution is that your urine will turn some bizarre color -- this is noted on the box.

  • Harley McDaniel III - Self help book for the frustrated married man

    This self help book is well written and organized. It is filled with very readable, practical information for married men looking to breathe excitement, energy, and fun into their marriage and their life. The author has a way with words and I have highlighted over 50 different sentences in the book which I enjoyed and have enlightened me. I have used the male action plan (MAP) advice this book has given me in my marriage of 10+ years and have seen awesome results. Book was updated in 2015 with some additional lessons learned from men running the MAP. The author does not have many academic credentials for the topic, but his knowledge of the challenges married men have are excruciatingly accurate and his recommendations are simply put: well crafted brilliance.

  • Amazon Customer - Not sure yet but will give it a fair try

    I have not seen the results that were claimed by the other reviewers that they saw results in one week. I will keep using it until it runs out before I can give an informed review after giving the product a fair try.