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  • L. Kline - Good Product, Horrendous customer service

    I ordered the thirty day supply from the company website to try the product. I love the cleanser! If I was just rating the product it would be five stars easy. The tone of my skin improved, pores are smaller and it looks firmer. I was very happy with the cleanser. The other products didn't wow me. I don't have dry skin and hardly ever use a moisturizer anyway so the other products just don't interest me.

  • Ellen - The Ninja is 100% better

    I have both the Yonanas and the Ninja. Last night I decided to try the Yonanas again. I found it noisy, hard to push the fruit down, took longer to clean than the Ninja and the taste? No comparison. I went back into the kitchen and put the "ice cream" I made in the Yonanas into the Ninja and redid it. WOW what a difference in taste and texture and so much easier to clean! Don't waste you money on this.

  • Will - Update: fragile product. Avoid.

    This is the second mechanical keyboard I've ever bought. All I can say is wow! My first keyboard was the corsair vengeance K70. That was a solid keyboard but this, this is great!

  • Marie - Great compact size, easy to use, works pretty well - needs a stronger setting though, overall recommended

    I've always wanted to try a water flosser, but was turned off by the large water tanks and overall footprint of the traditional waterpic. This is a great compact size - the water tank is just large enough to do your entire mouth. It's super easy to use, and I like that it uses a usb cord - since it means I can use a differently shaped charger if necessary to fit into a smaller space. Using this definitely leaves the teeth and mouth feeling a lot cleaner. I found that I can do one set of teeth (bottom or top) before needing to let the water out of my mouth. Using the normal setting is necessary to get stuff out of the cracks, and the soft setting is good for gum massage & general gum health.

  • Pirate UFO - Best played when drunk

    There's nothing like drunk ouija! Watch as the planchette continues to spell out "xxcagddp [sun] 625 tuy [goodbye]", regardless of the question asked. taunt the spirits, keep arrested development playing in the background.