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  • Amazon Customer - Too Much Speculation!

    The book is OK even if though it contains some bizarre speculations and assumptions. It's major purpose seems to try to convince people that the US was not really founded upon Christian Biblical principles due to the Masonic influence of the Founding Fathers. The speculative conclusion drawn is that since this is a historical fact that the US was singled out to unite the world in the New World Order under the UN globalist agenda. The book makes one think but then goes off course with too much speculation, in my opinion.

  • Melean Remoquillo - Not bad for a regular shampoo

    I wouldn't pay this much for it though! This is pricey, and it did not do its job. I'm a 40 yr old female and experiencing slight hair loss. The smell was alright, but i would just go for a regular shampoo instead of this.

  • max pimentel - Pretty good; since I started I lost 11 pounds

    Pretty good ; since I started I lost 11 pounds ; by using these ; dieting and exercise ; do keep yourself hydrated . But I didn't feel these as much and I think it's because I use pre workout ; so I bought iridium hopefully I feel the effects more but these are a good start

  • Amazon Customer - Definitely recommend this product!

    At first I wasn't sure exactly what a brain supplement would be like. But after experiencing 1st Phorm's Masterbrain, I felt more focused at work after taking the AM dose! And as for the PM, I've been getting restful nights sleep ever since I first started taking the supplement! I highly recommend anyone to give Masterbrain a shot! Supplements can power more than just your muscles, but also your mind too! NEVER SETTLE! Thank you 1st Phorm!