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  • The Chef - What a pain in the ............

    I've been a Norton user since Peter Norton started the company. They were consistently the BESTof what was out there. I didn't know if the products would be as good after Symantic bought them but kept going with them anyway. For a while they were mediocre but eventually got their stuff together. I was running IS 2012 with no problems. Except for this year. I first got 360 from Amazon, after having read some not too great reviews about install problems but figured between tech support and my background it would be ok. Well, the heading ( What a pain ) showed up. 360 would NOT install properly. After several frustrating attempts I called tech support. After an hour on the phone, several remote reinstalls and reboots I hung up on the tech. She was just shotgunning the fix and wanted to uninstall NU 14 then reinstall 360. That's when I pulled the plug. 360 syas it doesn't like NU15, says nada about 14. Well, that was the problem. So, I returned 360, got IS 2013 and tried to install it. Same thing. Apparently whoever designed the SW didn't have the brains to run it against a NU14 install. I wound up having to uninstall NU14, First with Windows uninstall and then with the Norton Uninstall Tool which took EVERYTHING ( NU, Ghost, etc ) Norton off my computer. I then reloaded IS 2013, then NU14 ( yes, it worked and works ) and Ghost. Now you know why the title. You cannot have ANY other Norton product on your drive or in your registry or this just won't install. What a pain in the ..........

  • Ethan Wells - Too many bugs for the buck.

    I installed this item less than 1 month ago. Since then, I have spent 3+ hours with customer service dealing with bugs. These bugs had to do first with the real-time scanning - namely, it wouldn't stop starting up, even once disabled. They then had to do with the software's attempts to update itself. Even after this bug was "fixed," the software often gets hung up trying to update. Meanwhile, it interferes with various programs, including my gmail, yahoo mail, and outlook. And by "interferes," I mean: renders inoperable.

  • Tom Burke - Lingering unpleasant greasiness

    Greasy feeling that lingers for hours rather than soaking in—like smearing yourself with petroleum jelly. Not water soluble, so very difficult to wash off if you get it somewhere you don't want it (like your hands while applying it, or on your clothes).

  • dewaynne tackett - Best rain jacket i have ever had

    wore this while crewing for 27hrs in the rain at Pinhoti 100 and I stayed perfectly dry. best rain jacket I have ever had

  • Chelsey D. - While it was easily applied and it came when i tried it on ...

    While it was easily applied and it came when i tried it on with my eyeshadows it began to crease on me a little. And i used with with out foundation and have used it with and the foundation i use its 24hours and the packaging for the shadow insurance made some of the shadow to crease upper lid.

  • Ginny Y. - The meat is a little chewy but that is how grass fed beef is like. Overall I am very satisfied with this product ...

    This beef jerky taste natural and full of flavor. It is not too salty and very well balanced. The meat is a little chewy but that is how grass fed beef is like. Overall I am very satisfied with this product and highly recommend it. I received this product at discount in exchange for sharing my honest opinion about the product. I would never promise to provide a positive review because of receiving a discounted or free product. I would not submit an review before thoroughly reviewing a product and fully understand the features and properties of the product. I sincerely hope my review is helpful.

  • Michelle Hofmann - If you only have $20 to spend on anti-inflammatory therapy, do yourself a favor and buy a jar.

    I am active by nature and have three small children (ages 3, 8 and 10), so being in bed and in pain was really tough. But after surgery to remove a large portion of a badly torn meniscus, I had few options but to sit in bed and wait for my knee to heal. To make matters worse, the pain meds the doctor gave me made me sick to my stomach. Three days after the surgery, I was really suffering and feeling pretty helpless. I went for my first post-op doctor's appointment on day four. The doctor told me to ice the knee, stay in bed, and rest for a few more days. I really felt trapped. This is going to sound silly, but this little jar or Penetrex set me free. While searching around on Amazon, I looked at knee braces and other treatment options to get some relief. Then, I happened upon some reviews for Penetrex. I read lots of reviews and was impressed by the great customer feedback. So I ordered two jars. In the meantime, I put my back out while trying to get dressed. So I was a real mess by the time the product arrived, the next day. I applied the cream at about 10 a.m. to my knee and my lower back. I was amazed! For context, since coming home Friday (the day of my surgery), with the exception of being driven to the doctor, I have basically traveled from the bathroom to the bed and back. The ice has helped, but I can't keep ice on 24-7. Within minutes of using Penetrex the knot and pain and tension in my knee subsided noticeably. The muscle spasms in my lower back started to cede. I was a little worried that the cream might impact the surgical sites in my knee, but I had no problem applying the cream around the knee. I applied the cream again about 1 hour later. This stuff is like magic. I have been able to get up and make a cup of tea and write this e-mail while sitting at my desk. I put on a DVD for my 3-year-old Scooby-Doo-loving son. Yesterday, just sitting in the car on the way to the doctor's office prompted my knee to swell like a grapefruit. I have used Arnica in the past when training for the L.A. Marathon. But this product is superior. Penetrex is like Arnica on steroids. If you only have $20 to spend on something for muscle pain and anti-inflammatory therapy, do yourself a favor and buy a jar. If you have an extra $20, buy a jar for someone you love who is suffering with muscle, joint, body pain. I love this product so much that I just ordered 12 more jars, six for me and six for my wonderful physical therapist, Margaret Perez. There are lots of fads and phases, and I have gotten suckered into more than one bad buy in my 47 years. But if you are in muscle pain or have any post-op discomfort related to inflammatory issues or sprains and aches and muscle pains or are a post-op knee patient like me, Penetrex is one purchase you will not regret.