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  • bolderco - Great So Far

    Our baby is only two months, so we have only used this stroller once so far, but my husband wants to use it over our Bob every time we go somewhere. It is so much lighter and compact and easy to travel with. We used it to stroll around town by laying back the seat as far as it can go and putting support (both head and body) around and she slept the entire time. It keeps her so much cooler than leaving her in our car seat and snapping it on the Bob. It rides really smooth and is tall so both myself (5'6") and my husband (6'2") are comfortable with pushing it. It's a snap to open and close and does it's job well. As soon as she is older and we aren't as reliant on the car seat, this will likely be our go-to stroller if we aren't jogging.

  • poppy - kaspersky I had no problem receiving my order from amazon, it was sent just as promised.

    kaspersky--I had used this internet security in 2011& 2012, with no trouble. I tried for three weeks to put the 2013 on my computer and was taken round & round. I am now without protection + my money. I returned it to an address & explained the problem. I will never trust this security again.I,m not downing amazon, my problem was the kaspersky company. I wrote them thee letters stating the problem, sending the tape and my payment and all papers needed. They not once responded to either. i have the highest reguards for the amazon company,but I will never use kaspersky, they will not stand behind their products. I had opened the package--of course--so it was not amazon,s place to deal with the defective tape but they did and I know I will keep ordering from them.

  • Amberlee Riggan - CANT LIVE WITHOUT

    My family has been using this salve for many many years, my husband uses it during hot weather because he gets gauded and it is the only thing that works. It is also good for skin irritations and diaper rash, thank God we had this for the baby to.

  • Janelle Shackelford - I've had so many friends notice the difference in the length and thickness of my hair and I happily recommend this product to th

    I've been taking this product for approx 18 months and I believe in it. I started taking it at age 59 when my hair started thinning and shedding . I've had so many friends notice the difference in the length and thickness of my hair and I happily recommend this product to them. However: Now that the price have increased so dramatically increased from 99.99 to 160.00 for 3 bottles, they have priced themselves out of my ability to pay. Very good product, but not for the money they ask for it now.

  • RBMunkin - Absurd price for what you get, but...

    One reviewer said "The price point is quite high, sure, but it's simply asinine to rate a product based on that." Personally, I think THAT is asinine. But to each their own. Price is an inherent part of a product.