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  • Johnny Mo - Timeless Classic

    This is a timeless classic that any child would love to play. We play it all the time. Brings my daughter closer to me than having her sit there with an iPad in front of her face. Bring back the family fun and get this and other board games. We got LIFE Junior, too.

  • Luis Cabrera - Me encanta este libro y siempre espero cada edición con mucho entusiasmo

    Mi guía geográfica, demográfica, estadística y mundial favorita. Aprendo siempre algo nueva en cada edición. Siempre actualizada anualmente. Bien redactado, ilustrado de portada a portada, en todas sus paginas, EL ALMANAQUE MUNDIAL 2015 tiene toda la información que necesito y que cualquier otro lector puede conseguir. Es un libro completo que no debe faltar en la biblioteca personal de cualquier persona. Me encanta este libro y siempre espero cada edición con mucho entusiasmo. Gracias Editorial TELEVISA

  • LadybugonSUN - Upgrade ok

    I am still trying to figure the new features from the last edition I have. I wish I would have bought directly from Quicken. Paying the extra would have been beneficial for questions to be answered.

  • Ryan Joseph - Sad excuse for beer

    Okay, so there are over a thousand reviews already, meaning the likelihood of anyone seeing mine is pretty slim. Even so, I feel obligated to share some thoughts on this thing. First, I would NOT call what it makes "beer." It's more like, "beer flavored alcoholic drink." Yes, you'll end up with something vaguely beer like that has some alcohol in it, but it's hardly "beer." I made one batch, it was mediocre at best.

  • lynn - wasnt the 5x strength

    I has ordered 2 of the 2 pack stinger 5x strength and was totally disappointed when I found out it was not what I ordered. it was not shipped to me, it was shipped to my brother, and he just told me the other day it wasn't what I ordered

  • JB-Marana - 2012 RV Roadtrip Navigator The Best To Date

    I have been using the 2006 version until 3 months ago when I upgaded. We travel all over the country and use this software for all our trips. Even trips just using our tow vehicle. The upgade is a nice improvement as you can open directly from a trip file where ever it's located, you now get segment mileage (the mileage between each stop is calculated-this is extremely useful with a complex trip), elevations for each location and a printout choice for only the stops minus all the turn by turn directions. The software has some quirks but once you use it for awhile and experiment with it, you find that it's great with respect to anything else out in the market today. I've read a few poor reviews but I think those users didn't get to know it very well. The old version used to crash regularly with a complicated plan (8 or more stops). This version seems very solid. I'm wondering if a 2013 version is in the works?

  • Rhoda Henderson - ... of cost to me shipped very quickly and was easy to put

    I received this item for free of cost to me shipped very quickly and was easy to put on with easy to follow instructions