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  • Mr. Corey S. Dalton - So far, not so good.

    Did the first application in the fall 2014 (North East, PA) and followed the directions. I had many rain storms before winter set in and have had almost no difference on 2 separate surfaces. This was done within the temperature range according to directions. This was done on stucco and vinyl siding on the same day. So far it has done almost the same as a garden hose could have done. My house was pressure washed the year before and I would say that I had very minimal build up of moss or staining. I will reapply and try again in the spring time and see if it makes a difference. If it has the same results as the last time, I'll go back to the pressure washer. I'll update this in July 2015 after I give the product another chance.

  • Carol - Very light serum.

    This is a nice light serum… I myself prefer something a little more substantial....not so watery. This did have a lot of nice ingredients but again the first ingredient was water … Not necessarily a bad thing my daughter would love this! However the glass eyedropper broke inside the bottle as soon as I opened it… I would suggest you are extremely careful when you open the bottle! I received this product at a discounted price for my honest review.

  • Aaron H. - Plenty of bang for your buck

    Powerful enough to carry my HP Proliant server, a laptop, a 24" monitor, a WAP, a small router, and a host of other small devices. The LCD display is really handy, and it has power to spare. Carried the whole rig for nearly an hour before I got scared and shut everything down....just in time for the power to come back on. I was concerned about the "off" brand, as I've always used APC, but I read the reviews, and this one showed pretty high. I will give it a full 5-star rating because it can carry all of my home-based office hardware with room to spare. I didn't connect my laser printer to the battery, as that wouldn't be fair--it kills everything it touches. But the server is happy, the laptop is happy, and all of my other stuff just clicks along. It will carry a good-sized server and peripherals for up to an hour (my experience), so that's exceptional for a UPS. Most are expected to die off in 20-30 minutes.

  • Rabbit - Dries fast

    Great buy , Great product. I used this product to redo around my tub. I cam out great and dried fast.