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  • Mytwocents - Not even one star

    I'm an extremely clean eater and thought I just needed a boost. After reading some good reviews, which now I wonder if they are from It Works reps or not, but I saw no difference at all after 2 months. Guess I will stick with the healthy way and keep working out and eating clean.

  • Ruby L. Mason - Get a disc.. The download process for Office products comes with too many strings attached.

    I had a trial version of Publisher with Home and Student Office 2010. My trial expired so I purchased Publisher 2013 and went through quite a process to give all my personal information to Microsoft so I could get a Microsoft Account (which by the way is of no value if you don't want to order future Microsoft products online). I downloaded Publisher on 12/29/2013. It may not be related to this program download, but mysteriously at the same time I ended up with malicious malware such as ProClean Registry Cleaner that started to perform a fake computer scan and alert me that I had problems that I really didn't have just so they could have me purchase a program to fix the fake problems. Then Bing/Conduit literally hijacked my browser without my permission. . I was bombarded with popups under the tool bar that were unwanted and distracting to say the least. I tried disabling, I tried uninstalling but could not remove Conduit and restore my preferred browser. I literally have spent hours trying to delete the unwanted Conduit/Bing Browser and Toolbar and related spyware and malware programs all of which came from Microsoft and were neither desired or requested because they have no value to me. The only solution was to restore my system to a prior point.

  • Shane - Very happy with floor mats !

    Fit was perfect. They have the holes for factory retainer brakets and stay where they should. Very good looking too. Shipped with good packing . Original OEM product.

  • T. Wright - Amazing product..best yet.

    I have written two reviews of additives..and considering I was a distinct believer (in the recent past) that additives were the automotive equivalent of snake oil that's a little amazing. I am writing my second review of an additive just to add that Seafoam is the best yet.

  • Patty Dykstra - Caused breakouts

    I'm 59 years old and used this Boots Serum for a few weeks. I noticed I had several tiny zits and thought it was due to something unrelated, but stopped using it, and my skin cleared. I started using it again to verify, and my skin broke out again. Sure did not work for me!

  • ANNIE - Best to Worst

    When installed Norton 360 really seemed to take care of any malware, viruses, threats and the works! It just seemed awesome! Super Fast Internet connection!!

  • Rick Boyer - Glad I bought the program

    Given all the bad reviews, I thought I'd share my experience. I did have some issues, but still recommend it overall.