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  • MDard - Good product, but no CD

    I've used Kaspersky for years and find it very effective. Customer service online is very friendly, very complete. I guess when I bought this from Amazon, I was expecting a same day delivery of a CD. I got the same day delivery but it was only the activation code. Seems a waste of money to send a carrier out on the same day when the activation code could have simply been provided once you make your purchase. Although the listing does not show "NO CD", keep in mind when you take delivery of this, there is NO CD. Only the activation code in a DVD box.

  • Lee K - Hollywood 48 Hour- Works great.

    I started using this product, "Juice" (as we called it) over 10 years ago. This is the first time I ever posted a review. People always ask me about it (including the clerks that sold it). I lost over 40 lbs with the Juice. I'd never looked or felt better. I couldn't believe when my mom brought me a size 4 skirt. But to my surprise it fit. I'm 5'8 and wasn't even a 4 in Jr. High. My assistant (5'4) lost a quick 25 lbs on it, and her mother (in her 60's) lost 20 lbs in 2 or 3 weeks.

  • James M. Nelson - A worthy effort that may presage a decent series.

    Not a bad beginning, although I confess the author almost lost me with the whole elf thing. If you get past that, and the fact that the author really, really, really wants us to know that Stiger's smile is pulled into an "unintentional sneer" due to a scar received somewhere back in time (we know this because we're told this in exactly the same phrase used at least 6 times before the sixth chapter), then you're in for a decent story. It kind of reminds me of Elizabeth Moon's Paksennarion stories, possibly because, in addition to the enigmatic elf, some magic, and dwarves who we never really meet, there's a paladin involved. The tale is told in a workmanlike fashion and is certainly entertaining. It held my interest enough that I am looking forward to reading the next installment. Hopefully, the author now won't feel the need to remind us any further that Stiger's smile is pulled into an unintentional sneer anymore!