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  • What Is Energy Medicine | Energetics | ElectroMagnetic Biomedicine | World Research Foundation - What is energy medicine? 'When we leave energy out of our biomedicine, we miss a vast amount of our healing potential.' In this excerpt from Dr. James Oschman's presentation at the Annual World Congress of AntiAging Medicine, he explains that every interaction involves energy, we are immersed in energy, and there is a new milestone on the horizon ogf biomedicine where electromagnetic techniques will be commonplace in the diagnosis and treatment of many medical disorders.
  • Book: And Nothing Happened... But You... Can Make It Happen! | World Research Foundation - Though medical and health costs continue to rise, acceptable solutions are not being offered for any of our major health challenges. Pharmaceutical drugs or repeated surgeries should not be your only option. Is there an alternative to the manner in which we treat disease? Inside this book you will discover better solutions for our health care and why these solutions have been excluded from common medical practice.

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