Wexler Wallace LLP | Chicago Attorneys | High Stakes Litigation Law Firm - Wexler Wallace is a law firm specializing in high-stakes litigation in antitrust, securities & business, healthcare, consumer protection, mass tort, and financial regulation.

  • http://www.wexlerwallace.com/our-firm/ Wexler Wallace LLP | Chicago | Complex Class Action and Multidistrict Litigation - Wexler Wallace is a nationally recognized leading firm that specializes in complex class action and multidistrict litigation in legal areas such as antitrust, securities & business litigation, healthcare, consumer protection, mass tort litigation, and financial regulation litigation.
  • http://www.wexlerwallace.com/practice-areas/ Wexler Wallace Antitrust Cases| Antitrust Litigation Lawsuits & Settlements - Wexler Wallace is a leader in antitrust litigation and handles cases involving unfair competition, such as illegally-maintained monopolies, price fixing and patent fixing.
  • http://www.wexlerwallace.com/who-we-serve/ Wexler Wallace Protects Shareholders - Wexler Wallace serves shareholders who suffer losses and damages due to fraudulent corporations.
  • http://www.wexlerwallace.com/case-investigations/ Wexler Wallace Featured Cases | Notable Recent Legal Work - Wexler Wallace’s featured cases consist of recent legal work in Wexler Wallace’s practice areas that are notable and reflect Wexler Wallace’s dedication to their clients and casework in antitrust, business and commercial litigation, corporate governance, securities litigation and more.
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  • http://www.wexlerwallace.com/cases/archstone-litigation-stender-v-cardwell-tishman-speyer-development-corp-et-al/ Archstone Litigation | Stender v. Cardwell | Business and Commercial Litigation Case - With the Archstone Litigation case Stender v. Cardwell, Wexler Wallace represented a class of investors who had negotiated for securities with essential characteristics only to see those characteristics stripped away through a merger in which investors had no say.
  • http://www.wexlerwallace.com/investigations/essure-litigation/ Essure Litigation - Wexler Wallace Wexler Wallace LLP is committed to pursuing claims against the manufacturer of this harmful medical device, and will be providing case evaluations for women who may have been injured as a result of their Essure implant.
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