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  • M. Mullins - Kindle Edition

    I do the daily readings and you could tell the wear really starting to show on our 53 year old Bible so I downloaded this Bible on my Kindle and I can take it anywhere, doctors, vacations, visits etc. So convenient not to mention light to hold. Easy navigation and fits in my purse. As for the Bible itself, I am not a Biblical scholar but I'm sure it contains what it is suppose to and the Word given to, spoken to and used by God.

  • alexander Q - Very Misleading in what you are purchasing

    i ordered this item off amazon, and the picture shows the oral spray and topical treatment. the product description even states "Topical Brush Application", which led me to believe i was purchasing both items in the picture. however, only the oral spray was delivered, and no topical brush clear nail solutions. this is very misleading. i am trying to get an explanation before i return the oral spray for a full refund.

  • Amazon Customer - Results inconsistent and customer service is poor.....I would pass on this one

    I gave this a try. I'm 8 months postpartum, nursing, and cycles have not returned. I am also using in combination with the Marquette Nfp method using the clear blue digital monitor as well as Babi lh test strips, testing twice a day. Anyways, first morning saliva following instructions exactly......a good amount of ferning. My monitor didnt pick up any estrogen and it is pretty sensitive to changes. So out of curiosity, I still had not drank anything, eaten, or brushed teeth.....retested after maybe half an hour with saliva. Completely clear with only a few dots. Zero ferning. How can you be full of ferning and estrogen on minute and zero ferning and no estrogen the next with no changes to environmental factors or user differences?

  • A Leece - do your research!

    Do research into the side effects and contents of this product. Don't be like me and order it, then find out the hard way.

  • Jaime - Ok monitor with odd blurring.

    It's a nice cheap monitor but for the price i've seen better. The frameless design is a great look but the screen itself is not amazing. Although the person i got this for has not noticed it, i did, the screen is very blurry in some parts of the screen. While reading text, the screen will look normal and then all of a sudden the text becomes unfocused, and then will go back. I cant tell if its the screen or the way the glass is, but parts of the screen are unfocused and not crisp and it drives me crazy, I dont think the person who i bought this for has noticed but im afraid to draw their attention to it and drive them crazy like it does to me. i bought a lenovo monitor for $20 more and that screen has no issue besides missing the matte finish like this screen does. Colors and contrast are still nice and if it wasnt for the unsharpness i would consider using it for my graphic design and photography.

  • Wayne - Great protection for your vehicle

    These are not just floor mats. They offer complete protection and are designed to contain spills, thus preserving your carpet. They are custom fit so they do not move or slide around which is especially important (safety) in the driver's floor area. They were shipped promptly and arrived in very in perfect condition. Great investment!

  • deanna marie trent - worked 4 me! helped more than anything else I tried!

    I just finished the 24 day challenge and im very happy with my results. I understand its not 4 every1 and there could b something in it some people are allergic 2 or sensitive 2 but I didny have that problem. I had put on a good 12 lbs that made a big difference 4 me and how I looked and how my clothes fit that I was not at all happy with. I had been going 2 the gym and eating better I have been eating healthier for the last few yrs now granted the occasional fast food or not so healthy meal but 4 the most part I have been eating healthy and I could not 4 nothing shed the weight. Iv never had a problem losing it b4 but it just wasnt going anywhere. I did advocare and have lost all the weight I had put on im so tickled about how I look now and my clothes fitting again without the doughnut hanging over that grossed me out bad. 4 me it was the best thing iv tried I was doung the garcinia stuff id been drinkin a gal of water a day exercising eating rite and it was like my metabolism just quit. I realy have never been big but I realy couldnt get where the weight came from or get rid of it. Now I have im so happy im so glad I did it yes it costed me 250 bucks 4 what I did but was absolutely worth it 4 me. Sorry it didnt work 4 others but everythings not 4 everybody but I think its worth a try. I feel so much better also. Hey if it dnt wrk it dnt wrk whats the difference iv blown my money on way worse stuff...