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  • NewMom1 - For infant Colic / Gas?

    I bought this product after reading some articles regarding ways to help relieve gas for an infant. I was looking for an all-natural product. I gave this to my newborn a couple of times. The first time I followed the instructions about how many drops to give ( think it was 5 ) and it was WAY too much. My newborn barely drink it and afterwords was spitting up (way more and longer) and was clearly in discomfort. The second time I only added a couple of drops to my his bottle and he still continued to spit up a lot afterwards. I decided that it wasn't worth continuing to try as it seemed to really bother his stomach. The scent is very strong and it is a thick syrupy consistency. I saw positive reviews, but it just didn't work for me.

  • Mr. Muh4kin ExQuire - I really did not like this phone

    I really did not like this phone. I needed a temporary loaner. I though that based on the advertising that this is only 60 bucks that it would be a few notches decent than the Tracfone. The posting of it's advertising data said that it could do much. Though honestly, I sent it back after it kept lagging on load, when you could barely install apps on it because despite it has 4.0gb it's only like a gig or so of it is usable. The camera was actually decent though. I mean for the price, it was responsive and well ok and took okay video. The phone's build though feels so hollow. Dual SIM I never got to test out but Im sure it worked. The phone is also indeed unlocked. 2.5 stars by me because I think my phone from 2013 can run better than this (that was like 120-130 bucks but also a nothing-special no brand made in china CPUs). So if that can still run better than this then there is something wrong.

  • Carolyn - Not magic, but helps considerably. Worth trying!

    Our older dalmation has severe thunderstorm anxiety. She shivers, hides, pants, and whines. It is terrible! I was another skeptical shopper, but willing to try the Thundershirt after reading about it in my Yahoo group. Some people in the group were getting good results.

  • Cary Alburn - I'd been very satisfied with my 2005 RAV4 Limited

    I bought my 2016 RAV4 Limited on December 7, 2015. I'd been very satisfied with my 2005 RAV4 Limited, which I bought new and which had given really great service over some 156,000 miles. But the difference between the two cars is like night and day, with the new one being one terrific car. I have all the bells and whistles except the 360 degree camera system. The only downside of such technology is that the owners manuals are really thick, and if they're not used, many really valuable features aren't used, either. This is not a car that can be just driven without reference to the manual, unless an owner wants to ignore much of why it's such a good car.

  • Beau - Good stuff.

    Another great Murad product. Helps with puffiness and does not make my eyes itch or crust over. I alternate with 100% Pure Organic Caffeine eye cream.