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  • mrsjch1 - LOVE this stroller! Look no further!

    LOVE this stroller! So easy to fold up and carry! It only weighs 11lbs, but feels lighter than that to me. Also just as easy to unfold and load your child in. Has a great cup holder attached, and storage underneath. The handles are up high, which is great for us parents, so we don't have to bend down to push the stroller. Great turning radius, and doesn't take up much room in the trunk(we have an SUV). I plan on keeping this stroller for all of my future kids! Go ahead and spend the money! You get what you pay for..a wonderful stroller!

  • Victoria Davis - Surprised by the comfort!

    Our old bed was a memory foam pillow top that we had for about five years. It had a HUGE hump in the middle where my husband and I never laid; it made it extremely uncomfortable. Every morning my body felt stiff, achy, and I felt exhausted because of tossing and turning all night. My husband saw this mattress pop up on Facebook, ironically because we were in the market for a new mattress, and started watching the videos on it. After sending me the link and asking what I thought, I watched and read about the mattress also. I was pretty impressed and the fact that they give you 100 days to try it and see if you truly love it was another win. So we took the leap and ordered it. After about 2.5 weeks the UPS truck finally came with our new mattress! It's literally shipped like you see in the videos and it's heavy... but getting it on to the bed was simple and almost effortless. The first night sleeping on it was weird because it's not a normal mattress. It's firm but moulds to your body pretty well, I woke up not aching at all. The next day, I went to a renaissance fair and walked a good 6 miles. This would be the true test of this bed! I woke up the next morning feeling great! Any other bed I would have been incredibly achy and my joints would of been swollen feeling. The bed takes some getting used to because it's different then a normal spring mattress. I highly recommend this mattress if you have back problems or joint issues because the way it cradles your body.

  • Dogs rock - Expensive

    If you can i would recommend you go to ACE or somewhere local it is only 12$ at ACE but the product works very well.

  • Jennifer Morgan - Great Tour Resource

    We purchased a copy of this book for the Kindle, which made it so much easier to tote around on our tour to Italy. The book provided some great helpful hints and resources. It was easy to read and made sense for the common traveler. I'm looking forward to getting the updated France book for our next tour in a few years.

  • Natasha919 - Durable and cool!

    This is a really well made truck! I'm impressed because as a first time mom I've learned that a lot of toys are cheaply made. The lights on the truck and tractor are the coolest thing. Definitely recommend!

  • Smiles - Seeing results but to pricy for long term use!

    I really liked this product. I have taken entire bottle my hair tripled in growth however, only in my problem area which is great!! for some reason had a chunk of hair shorter than the rest and just would never grow out. Now it's like it was never there. Started taking the pill form because the price & convenience because I can take them with me. But I did reorder the elixir. Hoping to see all over growth.