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  • Chicken - the UNHEALTHY option - This artilce unveils some of the secrets the chicken/poultry industry do not want you to know! Discusses the links between eating chicken/poultry and cancer.
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  • Jackal - Super High Quality & Functional Wall Mount

    OK - at first I was very skeptical to purchase a very inexpensive $25 wall mount for my 40" LCD Samsung tv set since most people used it on a 32" LCD or smaller set. However, this wall mount FAR EXCEEDED my expectations and rivals $200 wall mounts in terms of functionality and pars $125+ wall mounts in terms of construction quality. I am an intermediate to advanced level DIY-er, but don't work with my hands for a living, and managed to get this mount installed perfectly. One person can do most of the installation, but once you are ready to mount the LCD, you will need some assistance holding it up and positioning the LCD in place (I used an empty box with a pillow help raise the set, and my wife's help to position it in place). My LCD is located in the corner of my living room over a fire place. Given the fact the LCD is at a high location, I wanted a mount that not only can be positioned to rotate left and right, I wanted it to be TILTED downward towards the viewers/ sofa couches. This mount has more features than many others out there(my friend paid $180 for his mount at a retail store and doesn't have all the adjusting options). If you know what you're doing, you will have no problem with this mount. It even allows 'some' degree of user error by letting you rotate the LCD clockwise and/or counter clockwise from a standing position in case you did not use a leveler or measure properly. All necessary screws, bolts and instructions were included for my set.

  • Mary - Best Cream for Sensitive Dry Skin

    This cream is dense but non-greasy. I used to just use it exclusively on my face, but now it apply it over my whole body because it's so good. It surpasses other similar creams the rub off in little waxy particles. I swim year round outdoors - so my skin takes a beating. I shared it with my mom during a recent visit to Chicago during the harsh winter. She has very limited choices when it comes to skin care product due to her highly sensitive skin, but she absolutely loved this too. This is on my Amazon subscription so I can have a continuous supply for my whole family.

  • Amazon Customer - A truly amazing story about a fabulous athlete

    A truly amazing story about a fabulous athlete, who also doubles as a great person! Like any good story, I was sad when I finished the book, and when I started reading it I did not want to put it down. It was refreshingly open and honest, revealing to us a man who was supremely talented, but who had to overcome his own insecurities, as well as institutional bias of what a quarterback should be to maximize his potential. Every sports fan knows about Michael Jordan getting cut from his varsity high school team, Steve's emergence as one of the greatest QB's of all time is far more incredible and improbable. Jeff Benedict's fingerprints are all over the narration of Steve's story, I have read many of Jeff's books and one of his gifts as a writer is placing the reader into the middle of the story. I did not feel like I was reading the book, it was as if I was talking with Steve enjoying a glass of milk.