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  • Amazon Customer - Doesn't work

    As of now this is getting a 1 star rating from me. After putting together and beginning to use it quit working after 3 minutes of use. You have got to be kidding me I pd $115.00 for this thing. After the 3 minutes there was no sign of steam what so ever. I called the Haan company , the representative told me to put cold water in it and let it filter through to reset. If they didn't work to put distilled water and what vinegar to let it filter through and if that didn't work I might have a defective product. Do you think really!!!!!! The Haan representative told me that if i wanted to exchange i could return to them with paying shipping to return but if i wanted a refund I had to return to Amazon. Haan customer service I terrible.

  • Andrew D - Good GRE Book - Covered all the topics

    This is a great book for the General GRE. As of 2013, the GRE has 6 sections: 1 Writing, 2 Verbal Reasoning, and 2 Quantitative Reasoning, and 1 "Test" section. The "Test" section is used to try out future questions and doesn't count for your score.

  • Shawn Allison - Mac users beware

    Webroot is a great product. Ive used it previously on my PCs and since migrating to a MacBook last year I've had very little use for AV software. What caught my eye with this product was all the additional features. While i have almost zero concern for potential viruses I felt it would be worthwhile to have an all-in-one product for password protection, file syncing, browser history/file erasure instead of using multiple applications as i do now. Not to mention that even though viruses, with few exceptions, are unheard of on the Mac OS, 3rd party software exploits are not so the browser extension and AV protection was icing on the cake. Well, come to find out, the Mac version offers none of these features with the exception of the AV scanning and Safari extension.

  • Christopher Jalbert - Can't purchase

    It's impossible to but this digitally with my Amazon store card. It simply won't let me. I have talked to Amazon and the issuing bank, and nothing.

  • LSLLSL - Bottles and formulation different from what I bought before giving me horrible headaches

    I have been buying Natural D Hist off the internet a few times. I bought a bottle from this supplier. It did not work in the same way, in fact, it felt like my brain was on fire and I got ice pick-like headaches. I still had a couple of tablets in another bottle left. I compared the two products. The bottles are not the same sizes. I went to google where I can find another source of Ortho Molecular ProductSSSSS and not Ortho Molecular Product as this supplier is listed. It says you can only buy Ortho Molecular Products from a licenced practitioner,