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  • Amazon Customer - Impressive, quality product!!!!

    This specific brand of windshield heat deflector for our 2011 MB Roadtrek Agile Sprinter van was a great choice. I was surprised at the quality of the construction and how effective it is at reducing the heat in our Sprinter. The fit is excellent and it's easy to install and remove. We pull down the visors to help hold it in place. Durability so far, is excellent. It's easy to store behind the seat by rolling it up with the attached Velcro strap. We also bought the same brand for the front side windows. Likewise, quality is superb, and easy to install and remove with roll up storage. I'm really picky about quality. Buy this product with confidence.

  • M. Y. - Earth Mama-Angel Baby Organic Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

    Not as great as I expected. The hear is still a bit knotty. The smell is great otherwise. It says on the bottle that it is over 300 pumps, find it hard to believe because I need more than 2 pumps per hair wash.

  • Lezahnhoj - Excellent Multipurpose/ Easily Concealable Blade

    This Knife comes with an amazing sheath! The sheath allows for straps to be fed through so as to fasten with velcro straps or what not to a leg, boot, or pretty much anything. Small and easily concealable anywhere. Blade is very sharp. Can be used for other things besides self defense but I rarely take it out because it is illegal in my state and QUITE FRANKLY IT IS PROBABLY ILLEGAL IN ALMOST EVERY STATE IN THE U.S. because it is double edged. Get caught carrying and concealing it in a state or city where it is illegal to carry double edges and you could face a hefty fine and possibly misdemeanor charges. But other than downside it is an excellent blade. Note that it is not illegal to possess it at home or in collections and what not, but I wouldn't necesarily call this a collector's knife. But great product and great shipping! Good cheap price (especially with Amazon Prime, hefty discount)

  • Elisha36 - Excellent Ending

    So sad to see the Godfrey's journey come to an end. Macy and Joie are the true definition of bitter. They both couldn't let go of men who wanted nothing to do with them. I loved the relationship between Shay and Maleek she didn't take his mess. Stacy was very mature!! Emma and Ramsey finally got it together. Tiny and Maybem will always be my fav. Hope this isn't the end of the Godfrey's. Maybe we can get the kids story.

  • Marilyn R. - "Really?"

    Simplify makes a few good points, but it is clearly written from the vantage point of a very privileged man talking to other very privileged people. It does not speak to the very real problems that disempowered poor and otherwise oppressed people face. I find it problematic that a highly respected church leader writes a Simplistic book for people who, in the big picture of suffering, systemic subjugation and injustice, have little to worry over. To quote Hybels, "Really?" Let's talk about "level three" issues, please--like Jesus did.