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  • David Pimental - Replacement Toyota Tacoma mud flaps fix the problem

    If your Toyota Tacoma mudflaps are oversized and hitting the ground every time you go over a small bump, these will take care of the problem.

  • L-Con - Streets and Trips

    I upgraded or should I say partially upgraded from Streets and Trips 2010 to Streets and Trips 2013. I have found many points of interest that were in the 2010 version are not in this one. While there are many new points of interest added they do not outweigh the fact that they have removed many more than they have added. I work in the restaurant service industry and visit @ 8 different restaurants a day. I have to use google several times a day to find my next job because it isn't shown on the map. It works well with a gps receiver like the other versions do. They have changed the menu buttons to black and white images which I consider to be a downgrade as well. I think I may research some other brand software and switch soon. Bottom line....if you are upgrading from another version to this one you may be disappointed.

  • joe matysik - The way the knife clips into the case is pretty awesome/super secure

    Ok so maybe I didn't know what a dive knife was when I was ordering this. I guess dive knife means that it doesn't have a point on the blade (not sure why that is) What I really wanted was a knife that wouldn't rust sitting in the deck bag of my kayak. Knife is darn sharp and is very well made. Serration is mush sharper then the standard blade part but I took care of that with a ceramic sharper in quick order and now all of it is very sharp. The way the knife clips into the case is pretty awesome/super secure. For the money I would say well worth it for a waterproof knife. Only complaint is that the entire back side of the knife is not sharp at all (maybe it isn't supposed to be as a dive knife???)

  • SmilinBill58 - An Excellent, High Powered, and Simple to Use Device

    The Almond router has worked exceptionally well. It was super easy to set up, and has proven to be quite reliable and resilient. I would like it even better if it supported the IPv6 standard, but IPv4 still does the job! Further, while it is lightweight and small enough to go almost unseen, it would be more stable [physically] if it were purposefully at bit heavier and fitted with rubber feet/pads. [I found that the weight of the cables was enough to pull the device off of the shelf -- a fall that it survived without missing a tick, BTW. I secured the cables, and the Almond has remained in place.]

  • tom faulkner - I plugged this in and was feeling better, initially

    I plugged this in and was feeling better, initially. But, then my dog died. But, it's okay, because the cat didn't like him anyway.