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  • Amazon Customer - LOVE it!

    I used Joico's KPak products for a long time, but I wasn't in love with them because they didn't provide much moisture, and I kind of hated the tutti frutti scent of the line. Then I tried the Moisture Recovery products and fell in love. This stuff is great on my "blow fried" curly hair, it feels smooth, I can get a comb through it without pulling too hard and it's soft and shiny without being weighed down. And it smells so nice (a sweet floral, maybe hyacinth?)! I alternate the Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm with the Moisture Recovery Conditioner. My only wishes would be that they make the shampoo sulfate-free and make a hairspray with the same fabulous fragrance!

  • J. Sprague - Bona X hardwood floor cleaner

    Excellent product. When I decided to remove my carpet and install wood flooring, I researched all types of wood flooring and the products. I installed solid wood myself and had a professional wood sanding guy come to sand and finish the floor. After the research, I insisted that the wood guy who would finish the floor had to use Bona Kemi Traffic for the floor. The wood guy told me he does not use anything else. I was VERY VERY pleased with the Bona Kemi product. When the finish got a little dull, I used the Bona X Floor Cleaner. It works GREAT!!! No residue, no bad smell. Just wiped it on and used a dry dust pad to wipe it. I think this product is more suited for solid wood floors instead of flooring that is pre-manufactured or laminated with a 1/8 inch shiny surface. This product actually penetrates the surface and brings out the shine. Because of this penetration, my floor has never been left slippery or with a weird "fog" or residue. If you have laminate flooring or pergo, Bona Kemi has another product for those. It is called Bona Hard Surface.

  • Sidney Townsend - Helps with anti-aging and skin issues

    Since every person has a different type of skin, let me give you some details about my skin. I suffer from acne prone skin that has been suffering from the signs of aging for some time. I am in my late thirties and I have almost always suffered from acne all throughout my life. It isn’t that I haven’t taken care of my skin. Things could have been much worse if I just left my skin on its own. I guess the skin gods were really pissed off when they were deciding on the kind of skin i should have. Anyways, instead of brooding over my misfortune, i kept searching for products that could make a difference. After all, science has allowed us to defy nature itself.