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  • GoGirlGo - Not impressed with the lack of instructions.

    I have used quickbooks with the PC for years. Well, in December, I upgraded to a Mac, then shelled out the dollars for Quickbooks for Mac. I backed up the database and the folder, then shut down my old computer and transferred all my old folders. To my dismay, I discovered that Quickbooks will not accept a database from a PC, unless you go through a conversion process of backing up the database for migration to the Mac. You guessed it, the PC was already in PC heaven, so I had to lose the previous 5 years of database entries. After spending hours trying to figure out a way to convert the file, I gave up. Very frustrating.

  • Hazz Design - Beautiful Design but Baby Hates It

    This claims to have a tree swing motion, but not one of the motions is swing-like. In fact all of them are basically the same. This is too expensive to risk that your baby won't like it. Plus the mobile doesn't even move at all. It is supposed to shake but the motion even on the fastest setting is too slow to get it to shake visibly. Another issue is that it is incredibly heavy, so if you thought it would replace a bouncy seat, it can't. You will have to set it up and leave it. Wish it was better. I really wanted to like it. The materials and design are really well done. It just falls short functionally.

  • M. Magpoc - Absolutely does not work.

    I should have saved my money. Definitely not worth the money I spent. Diet pills do not work. Just need daily exercise and better eating habits.

  • K.C. - I love, love

    I love, love, love this face moisturizer and I began purchasing them on Amazon after our local Costco stopped carrying them. My skin is super sensitive. I've always been prone to breakouts, and my skin fluctuates between dry and oily. About two years ago, I also became really sensitive to certain creams, moisturizers, and foundations. Enter: Aveeno. I don't believe this product clogs my pores and it moisturizes well without leaving any sort of greasy feeling. Frankly, I'm addicted to it. It helps soothes my skin after I got a little brave and tried a facial product that backfired on me. Also, the prices on Amazon are generally $2-5 cheaper than my local Target or grocery store.

  • Amazon Customer - A More Complete Picture

    I think that is one of the most important documentaries any American watch. Dinesh D'Souza is a very intelligent person who not only looks at both sides of the issues, but gives the viewer both sides of the information he presents. He is thoughtful in what he produces and helps people to understand the bigger picture, if people want to see it. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone, but especially to those who are seeking more complete information with which to make better judgments.

  • Gwendolyn - Super Cute! Love that it has five lines for ...

    Super Cute! Love that it has five lines for each day and that it starts the week on Monday! Has me amount of space for weekends as weekdays which was also really nice! Loved the coloring pages <3