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  • Shari Ross - Do not buy doesn't work at all!

    Worst product ever!! Didn't kill one single spider after 3 applications. Don't waste your money. Negative star.

  • Scott - High risk install, and read the fine print

    I read a couple of dozen reviews prior to picking up this product. I've been bitten before by Intuit and specifically by Quickbooks, so I wanted to know any hazards ahead of time. I didn't have much choice, however, unless I wanted to drop QB for another product, and I didn't have the time. Bottom line, every negative thing folks are posting here about this product and installation issues, is fact, not fiction:

  • J. Mills - Excellent looking grass and root system

    This stuff really grows nice looking, deep green grass. I would not patch small areas with it if you have a lot of thin and lighter colored fescue, but it's great for over-seeding and appears to really build a strong and healthy root system. I believe this is one of the better products on the market even though you have to pay a bit of a premium price per sq foot.

  • Rock J - Fixed the loose tile

    Used this to fix a "hollow" sounding tile. Worked as advertised. We drilled some small holes in the grout (we had used epoxy grout) and pumped the Fix-a-floor in until it started coming out the other holes. Wiped the excess off and let it dry and no more hollow tile.

  • Jeremy - Giving them a try

    I have been seeing allot of new vitamins and supplements starting to hit the market on Amazon lately and thought I would try this on to see what difference it has from the normal multi vitamin I would take. I am getting a bit older and anything to help sharpen the mind is a bonus as long as it won’t have any negative physical side effects. I would say for the most part this supplement has the same ingredients as any normal multi vitamins just has more proprietary ingredients that are supposed to help with memory and alertness, . I am trying to get ahead of it and not have any long term issues, so I can still walk and play and mentally compete with my kids and grand kids. I have take this for a couple weeks now and I am not positive my alertness is from the supplement or due to more exercise and diet changes but I think every little bit is helping and I will keep on the routine cause it seems to be helping over all. I would recommend these supplements should be a consideration on your list if that is what you desire.

  • Vegan Vixen - A year after purchasing a condominium apartment with new laminate ...

    A year after purchasing a condominium apartment with new laminate floors, I used Holloway House Quick Shine on some areas of this flooring. An ugly white film appeared on the areas where I used Quick Shine. I spent scores of hours scrubbing with a mop and on my hands and knees to try to get this film off, to no avail. I called Holloway House and got an unhelpful customer service rep. The next day, I called back and got a helpful rep, Sally Osborne, who kindly mailed me a bottle of Holloway House's Deep Cleaner. This product is supposed to be able to lift off the Quick Shine that earlier had been applied. I spent many hours with the Deep Cleaner, trying to lift off that milky white film, with limited success. Ultimately, I'm going to have to replace this flooring, which is a shame because the flooring is new and replacing it will cost many thousands of dollars and be extremely inconvenient.

  • Pbjohns - Perfect!

    The car seat adapter fit my seat perfectly and seems very sturdy. I haven't used it much since my newborn is only a couple weeks old but so far so good!