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  • Sipeish - Really nice oil, feels light and the scent is nice ...

    Really nice oil, feels light and the scent is nice and strong too. I like to use it at night after a bath to relax, and help me sleep. I massage it into my shoulders and the smell becomes so relaxing.The scent stays with me for a long time and I love it. I didn't know lavender oil could be used for a lot of things, one of them being bee stings. It came in handy when my 4 year old got stung by a bee and I Google for remedies. Turns out lavender oil is one of them and lucky for me I had just received this oil. I added a little to his sting and within a minute or so he said it stopped hurting and felt better. Anything that will help my baby in a time of need deserves 5 stars from me.

  • Shawny - Very pleased... but not 100% sure yet.

    Just got this stroller the other day- I LOVE how it manuevers (very smooth). I love that the wheels are a bit larger and not hard plastic- which makes for a less bumpy ride. The size is as expected, roomy and larger than a 'umbrella stroller' but still on the lighter side for a fuller size stroller. The basket is Ok- it's not as big as I'd like, but limited space due to the umbrella fold (which, isn't my fav fold, but saves on space). I love that you can push the seat up without a pully system (those are frustrating). I love the belly bar... and I do like how much coverage the canapy gives- but it seems to come down lower than pictured? Maybe it's the angle- but when my LO is in the seat and I pull the canapy all the way down, it's right in her face (which she can just grab at to move). So that part is a bit odd- so we'll see how it works in time (?)

  • S. GOMEZ - Best cookware

    Food does not stick to this cookware,and it is easy to clean. Well worth the price.Love the deep saute pans.

  • Amazon Customer - Misogynistic classic that sure to delight any with the sense of humor of a Neanderthal.

    Tired of engaging people on substantive issues? Want to let your daughter know, if she works hard, she too can be vilified as a Machiavellian crone? Look no further than this is the Made in America product for you.

  • Amazon Customer - Within only 4 days my face had gotten blotchy rough ...

    Within only 4 days my face had gotten blotchy rough patches of skin. These areas were also tight and sore. I always use joboia oil to moisturize my skin but nothing helped the dryness. Sadly, I had to stop using the project. My skin is sensitive I know this, but I just thought I woukd give Acne. Org a try. I am hoping I can send the product for a refund.

  • Alex A. - Awesome protection!

    This tempered glass screen protector is really a great product. The protection that it offers is unbeatable! I feel my phone is secure no matter what style of case I decide to use for the day! What I especially like about it is that it was really easy to put on. No bubbles, just smoothness! I received this product for free in exchange for a fair review. I would definitely recommend this product to others.

  • Lana D. - I was taking Choline along with Piracetam during one month ...

    I was taking Choline along with Piracetam during one month before my license exam. I've noticed improved memory and attention. I was 48 y.o. that time. When I was taking exam I felt less anxious as usual. Exam was passed!