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  • Michele - Major disappointment

    I have to go in and redo ALL of my accounts that I want updated. You would think that with an upgrade it would transfer all of that information. Also the rental portion is so difficult that I never used it in my last version. I was "hoping" that was the area of most improvement but it is not so still cant use it.

  • Mish Mash Michele - Drainpipe size matters

    The manufacturer says it fits all 1.5" drains, but you also need to have a 1.5" PIPE below the drain. Our kids' bathtub has a 1.5" drain, but the drainpipe is wider than 1.5". Once inserted, there was too much room around the TubShroom, and the hair just went on down the drain. However, when we tried it on a different bathtub, which has a narrower drainpipe, it worked wonders.

  • David Winfree - Works great, not too hard to install

    Works great, not too hard to install. Survived its first severe winter. ICE Dams: We had lots.... Half the house had the Leaf Out installed. No correlation regards the ice dams. LeafsOut do not cause ice damming. I will say that when the ice dams let go, they will slide off the gutter guards. Without the gutter guards, the ice tends to be trapped by the gutter and sit there until it melts.

  • Amazon Customer - Five Stars

    This taillight looks great on my R3! It was a easy installation and is especially bright. Great product!

  • Jimbo - Great stuff

    I am amazed at this product. Only three days of taking it, and my right wrist's chronic pain is gone. May just be coincidence - but the coincidence only happened after taking DE. It works great to polish you teeth when used on a tooth brush. As for the detox capabilities which is what I ordered the product for I can tell a positive difference, particularly clearer and less nasty smelling urine. I can also tell a difference in my energy level, I'm not as tired, consequently I'm drinking less coffee and more water.