Heart Attack Prevention - Takeheart Health Check. - Heart attack, Information on cholesterol, alcohol, blood pressure, stress and other risk factorsThe quality assured method for providing an authoritative written health check for the prevention of heart attack or coronary heart disease

  • http://www.takeheart.co.uk/author.htm Author The Heart Attack Prevention Service, Dr Geoff Clayton. - The author of the Takeheart Health Check - Heart Attack and coronary thrombosis Prevention Service - Dr GM Clayton of Norwich in England, Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners.
  • http://www.takeheart.co.uk/refcom12.htm#com555 Heart Disease - Quotations from the literature about preventing coronary heart disease. - Heart Disease - Quotations from the literature about prevention. British Medical Journal.
  • http://www.takeheart.co.uk/jperry.htm#wilson Award winning coronary prevention scheme. - The Takeheart Health Check wins the John Perry prize from the British Computer Society
  • http://www.takeheart.co.uk/examp-e.htm Heart attack prevention - A Takeheart report in English - Heart Attack Prevention. An example of a Takeheart Health Check report - written in English
  • http://www.takeheart.co.uk/bp.htm#547 Blood pressure. What it is and Its place in Heart Attack Prevention. - Blood pressure or hypertension what it is, its dangers and its place in Heart Attack Prevention. WHO's guidelines.
  • http://www.takeheart.co.uk/chol.htm Cholesterol. What it is. What is the recommended level. What to do about it. Take a test to determine your risk. - Cholesterol and its role in Heart Attack Prevention. What is the recommended level. What to do about it. Take a test to determine your risk. The debate about cholesterol lowering. Unclogging arteries.
  • http://www.takeheart.co.uk/alcohol.htm Alcohol, its dangers and Heart Attack Prevention. - Alcohol and its dangers with particular reference to heart attack prevention. People with an alcohol problem are twice as likely to suffer a heart attack. The French paradox - does it exist?

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    I would have given this dvd 5 stars if it weren't for the intermittantly annoying dropouts of the subwoofer audio channel which another reviewer also had complained about. Apparently they get around this flaw by only declaring it to be a 2-channel stereo mix, but the sub channel exists and does decode. I don't understand why they released it that way. Fix the sub audio channel and this would be a 5 Star purchase!

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    Been stacking Myobuild with Muscle Builder for a couple of weeks and im very satisfied with the results. Great workouts, increased pump and strength and my recovery time has decreased making my workouts far more enjoyable.

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    I read about this product in a woman's magazine about a year ago and decided to give it a try. I was impressed! I have restless legs, can't sleep since I've entered the change of life ( ugh ) and I have A Fib. I take 1/2 teaspoon in about 1/4 cup of warm water. Believe it or not in as little as 2 mins my legs relax and don't feel like they are going to bounce off the bed. lol It also helps me sleep a little bit better. I don't take it on a regular basis. ( I should however ) I feel it helps out with my A Fib as well. I stopped taking my Medication for the A Fib. It was having a negative effect on my mind and body. One other thing I noticed is that if I'm feeling anxious it helps with that as well. I told my sister about this product today and I've shared with others on FB. I would highly recommend this product!!! I also recommend that anyone reading these reviews go and investigate the wonders of magnesium. It's one of the most important minerals in the body! Here's to your health :)

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    Originally had an issue, which was my fault, with the right part number for the year of my truck. Reflective Concepts contacted me and went above and beyond in customer service to make sure I received the right one. It installed easily and really looks great.

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