Swedbank Företagsförmedling - Köpa och sälja företag - Swedbank Företagsförmedling är specialister på försäljning av ägarledda företag och kommersiella fastigheter med ett försäljningspris på 10–100 miljoner.

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City: 18.056 , Sweden

  • Kevin Neville - Thank God for the energy star! This baby saves ...

    Thank God for the energy star! This baby saves $55 a year! It will pay for itself in less than a lifetime!!!

  • Jessica - Amazing!!!!!

    I just received my new Tyme curler/ straightener the other morning. I can't believe how amazing it is and easy to use. My shipment came within two days also! I was skeptical at first about it, but am so happy I got it. I curled my whole head of thick hair in 8 minutes on the first time using it, so easy to use. Just a sincere thank you to Tyme for making a great product and a happy girl!

  • J.T. - Very helpful supplement

    I like that the product description and directions tell you not to take these before you go to bed because the energy blend ingredients are active. That may sound funny, but it is really nice to know these things ahead of time. When I take these in the morning, I have a good, even energy all day with great focus and it doesn't seem that I am as scatter brained and unorganized now since I have been taking these. The energy I get from taking these is not a bouncing off the wall, talk everyone's ears off kind of energy, but rather a nice solid calm energy that feels natural and healthy. I received this product at a discount or free so I could try it out and then pass on my opinion of this particular product on to others. This is exactly the same review I would give this product no matter what price I did or did not pay for it.

  • Connie - Incredible

    The greatest adventure story of all time. Simply amazing. Purchase the hardcover 100th anniversary edition, that was just published.

  • Nathan - Great Oil

    I like this oil. There are other on the market but this one works just fine. For the price it is also a good buy.


    I have owned Moov for approximately two weeks. I love the concept and the actual device. Before purchasing I spent hours reading reviews and learning about the pros and cons. One of the most consistent pieces of feedback I found, across all forums, was that the disc slips from the band and many people have lost the device. I decided to move forward knowing this big problem existed and played it off to those folks having a defective band or bad luck. I made sure to keep the band tight around my wrist to avoid any slippage and it worked. Today, I glanced down and noticed that THE DISC WAS GONE! It had slipped out at some point throughout the day and I didn't notice right away. Now I am out $80 and the device is gone.

  • GadgetGirl - Love the versatility and the workout

    I was NEVER a workout kind of person at all. In fact, I didn't believe in it due to all the sweating and soreness and what not. Who wants that? But as I've gotten older I knew I needed to do something and I picked Your Shape Fitness. I didn't believe I could get a respectable workout using a game console but I have thoroughly enjoyed working out with the YSF "games". I've been using them consistently for a year now (minus a break due to surgery) and they have exceeded my exercise expectations. I lost weight, my arms are nicely toned, even my legs have more definition. They're not ripped per se, but definitely not jello-ish. I feel my fitness level has greatly improved and I'm kind of an exercise junky now. My friends are shocked by the change.