Sussex Health Care - Sussex Health Care is an independent group of care homes based mainly in Sussex. Focused chiefly on care for older people including people who are mentally frail with dementia or Alzheimers Disease and on specialist care for adults with physical or learning difficulties, including people with neurological disabilities.

Country:, Europe, GB

City: -2.25 Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

  • Amazon Customer - The Christmas ornament with the faux snow flakes is beautiful. I will display it all year

    The Christmas ornament with the faux snow flakes is beautiful. I will display it all year, not just around Christmas.

  • Dean Pitts - A treat for fans of Longmire

    Another excellent work by Craig Johnson. The change in location for this book gave a great perspective of a famous, yet not so well known area. A new area also brought some new, and quite interesting, characters into play.

  • SoCalReviews - One of the top natural nutritional formula products for cognitive enhancement

    Alpha Brain by ONNIT LABS is one on a growing list of cognitive enhancement supplement formulas. There are many different formulas available but what separates them is quality of ingredients, consistency of the product, formulation or stack of the ingredients, effectiveness and actual independent testing done on the product. Out of all the available natural ingredient cognitive enhancement formulas on the market Alpha Brain is at the top of the list in all these categories. Overall it may in fact be at the very top. At this time I take Alpha Brain on a regular basis as well as two other high quality natural cognitive enhancement formulas... Brain Force and CILTEP. Each one of these products work well for me in terms of improving alertness, cognitive enhancement and a perceived improvement in a mental state of well being. Each one has it's own particular effects but all of these share common ingredients.

  • Amazon Customer - The Nevage system is easy to operate and it has worked like a charm

    After weeks of a persistent cough and the Dr, saying it's allergies and post nasal drip I did some Google searching and found this. After reading other with the same issue saying it was solved by a 2 or 3x a day nasal douching. I have tried netti pots and could never quite get my sinuses to accept the gravity feed. Most of it went down my chest.

  • Comanglia - SS QCK series never disappoints

    If you have ever had QCK of any kind, this is exactly the same material but WIDE. Same height as the QCK+/Heavy but twice the width. I've been waiting for a mouse pad like this for ages, easily worth $40 in my opinion

  • M. Thompson - Software is Like a Time Machine

    I haven't used accounting software since using Quicken over 10 years ago. By downloading QuickBooks, it was like I never left the 90s. It has the same bugginess that I remember from using a computer in those days, when just as much time was spent trying to fix bugs as was spent actually using the computer. Needless to say, I will be returning this software and seeing if Peachtree works any better. This didn't work on my Sony Vaio laptop with Windows 7. Nothing special about my computer - QuickBooks just didn't work and after spending 4-5 hours trying to fix it, I thought to myself, why? It's 2011?