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  • Paul Harradine - Great product al round

    Great product al round. Great HD definition, no stalls buffering even when I had 3 other computers within 5 yards of me freezing all at once, this computer just kept working. Highly recommended.

  • Kindle Customer - Excellent imagination

    Well written, but something of a cliff hanger, with no indication of a sequel. I would love to read the conclusion of the adventure.

  • Paul N. - Excel would be quicker and easier

    I'm a prior Money User. I have several accounts that Quicken updates online. It loads the e-pay transactions and then loads the same transactions once the mailed checks have cleared. I have to manually reconcile these since it does not give automatic option to do so. Clunky and slow UI. Crashes. Terrible product- hard to believe people buy this program.

  • Kat Will - Smells wonderful, just not crazy about the shampoo.

    First off, the smell of this stuff is amazing. I think the other reviewers describe it way better than I could so I's just yummy, ok? The "oil" is more of a serum....I really like that, and buy that on its own. Its great to put in your hair after using a flat smooths and shines, and smells so good. The shampoo I didnt really like, it doesnt lather at all (probably because its natural) and I absolutely HATE the bottles the shampoo and conditioner come in....the bottles I got, had no pumps like the picture, just the pop open cap...and you have to squeeze really hard to get the stuff out. I don't think those brittle hard plastic bottles are made for squeezing :) The conditioner, and "X" hair treatment are pretty nice as well.