Suresign - Suresign offers a complete range of tests and devices to enable you to protect your family's health from the comfort of your home.

  • Suresign Alcohol Screening Test - Our Suresign Alcohol Screening Test rapidly detects the presence of alcohol in the exhaled breath.
  • Suresign Blood Pressure Monitor - Our Suresign Blood Pressure Monitor is an upper arm fully automatic blood pressure and pulse monitor.  A large cuff is available for our machine.
  • Suresign Family Health Screening Test - Our Family Health Screening Test is unique to Suresign.  It is a urine based test which can indicate illness or infection, mainly relating to the heart, liver, kidneys and urinary tract. 
  • Suresign Meningitis Emergency Pack - The Suresign Meningitis Emergency Pack contains the essential tools to help you spot some of the symptoms of Meningitis.
  • Suresign Ovulation Test - Our Suresign Ovulation Midstream Test works by detecting the amount of Luteinising Hormone (LH) in urine, to determine the best time to conceive.
  • Suresign Pregnancy Test - Our Suresign pregnancy tests detect elevated levels of the pregnancy hormone, HCG, in the urine, an indication of pregnancy.
  • Suresign Thermometers - The Suresign Infrared thermometer and Digital thermometer measures body temperature with professional accuracy.
  • Corporate - CIGA Healthcare Ltd home of Suresign - The Suresign brand was the first brand to be brought to the market by CIGA Healthcare Ltd.

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  • Moataz - Basically I hate games that are based on the online experience

    I have never played battlefield before, so this is the first one in the series. Basically I hate games that are based on the online experience. But this game is a masterpiece, this is the only thing I can say. I'm enjoying the campaign a lot as well as the online. It is addictive. Everything in this game is perfect. I can't find a single flaw. The gameplay so fluid, sounds, graphics, etc. you feel like being in a real war, meanwhile I like how Dice made the gamer feels bad about being involved in the war and that nobody will survive at the end. This was a clever idea. I'm in love with this game

  • Evelyne LeTennier - Do not buy this product

    Like many other posts, this product is peeling.junk.after this winter it is peeling ans bubbling up. Now I have to redo my whole deck

  • BurkesM7c - good product for kids.

    I think it's a good product for kids. I have a lot of anxiety and for me to send my kid to school with a bunch of strangers for 6 hours I needed her to have this watch. (yes, they are teachers but I don't know them lol my kid has never been left with anyone besides family.) Yes, the charger needs to be wiggled every now and again as it disconnects easily, but that doesn't bother me. The light on the charger needs to be orange, that means it's charging. If the light is green then it's not charging. So, as I walk past it through the day I will check it to make sure the light is orange, if it's not then I'll fiddle with the cord to make sure it's charging. No big deal. The watch GPS isn't extremely detailed but I can see when my daughter arrives and leaves school which is enough for me and for the price that's all I expected. I can actually refresh her location whenever I want and get a more detailed location, down to the street she's on which is neat. My daughter can call me anytime she needs to and that's why I love this thing. She's too young for a phone, but because she's young I want to make sure she can get a hold of me at any time if she gets lost or there's an emergency. For instance one day the bus was really really late and all the parents at the bus stop were getting really anxious. So, I just called my daughter up on her QQ watch and viola, mind at ease. "We're almost there, Mom! New driver today so a kid missed his stop and we had to turn all the way around." Just a little something to give me some peace of mind and in my mind keep my daughter a little safer by having a means to call for help if needed. Definitely worth buying this watch to me.