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  • Courier & Express Delivery | Sure-Reach - Get Your Right Courier & Logistics Partner To Get All Sorted Out For You™ nationwide and over 200 delivery destinations worldwide.
  • Records Management & Storage Services | Sure-Reach Tricor - Optimise Your Office Space & Save Storage Cost Now by Up to 50% using Records Management & Storage Services with RFID.
  • Document Scanning & Imaging Services | Sure-Reach Tricor - Get 24/7 Secure Access to your Documents Anywhere, Anytime with Onsite and Offsite Scanning Services.
  • EDMS | Sure-Reach Tricor - Get Complete Visibility and Access to all Your Documents, in Whatever Form They're in & Wherever They Reside on Cloud Based EDMS.
  • Secured Shedding & Destruction Services | Sure-Reach Tricor - Get Proper Destruction Job Done Safely and Cost-effectively for Confidential Paper Documents, Data & Media with Secure Shredding & Destruction Services.
  • About Sure-Reach | Your One-Stop Productive Back-Office Outsourcing Specialist - Ready to offer Full Fledge Productive Back-Office Outsourcing Services with Dedicated Team of over 300 employees, a Fleet of Over 100 Vehicles, Warehouses & Offices throughout the Country.
  • Corporate Philosophy | Sure-Reach Tricor - “Things Get Done” - Providing Convenient, Hassle-Free & Delightful Customer Experiences for Productive Back-Office Outsourcing Services, Records Management & Storage, Document Scanning & Imaging, Secure Shredding & Destruction, Courier, Express Deliveries & Logistics.
  • Our Promise - Excellence from Every Aspect - Professionalism, Innovative Approach, Cost Awareness, Emphasis on Safety & Security. ONE - “One-Stop-Outsourcing for Non-Core Essentials
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    Country:, Asia, MY

    City: 101.25 Selangor, Malaysia

  • Terri manchestwr - dont buy from this company.

    Stopped working after 1 month. The company I bought it from through Amazon told me to call keurig. I thought items around 1 month could b exchanged. Just wanted another one

  • Adam Woodbury - WARNING: DO NOT BUY! Killed my cat!

    Please do not buy this product. We had to put my cat down because she had liver failure and several mini-strokes from wearing the collar for 2-3 weeks. There was nothing the vets could do when we brought her in. Bayer should be ashamed for putting such a dangerous product out on the market.

  • Matthew - Children loves it

    We got this for our 7 year old son. He is very technology focused, enjoys tablets and computers, so this was right up his alley.

  • Kevin - Review

    While there was nothing wrong with the access code that came with the book, my professor actually uses CengageBrain which is an entirely different access code which cost $80. The access code in the book is for a Thomas Business website that is not at all helpful in reviewing for the course. Waste of my money, should have just purchased the book without the access code if I would have known our teacher was using a different site.

  • Binary Ink - Cloud-only makes a great keyboard...Okay.

    This keyboard works very well, but, in my mind, has a few shortcomings (some of which I was aware of, some of which I wasn't).