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  • C. Smith - Forget Wet and Forget

    I haven't seen the results described on several tombstones that I treated (as directed). I think the little note about how the buyer won't follow directions is a rather strange. Was worth a try and hopefully other people will have success with t his product.

  • marilyn - I just ordered the Thrive W from the website. ...

    I just ordered the Thrive W from the website. I paid $100 for the pills. That was with shipping. I am so excited my husband found them on Amazon for this price plus free shipping! I will be ordering them from here from now on! My experience with Thrive W: My friend gave me a 3 day supply. The first day, I took both capsules in the morning. It gave me a huge energy boost within 30 minutes. The second and third days, I took one in the morning and one at lunch. That gave me an all day even level of energy. The forth day, I was so tired all day long! That's when I realized they really did work! An added benefit to them for me is they help curb my cravings to eat all day long. For me, they are worth it!

  • Areli Villegas - I am very happy with the whitening aspect of this

    This has significantly whitened my teeth, I am very happy with the whitening aspect of this. The downside is that it makes my teeth very sensitive, I had to use it for half the time every other day because if not my teeth hurt so bad the whole day, if I did it at night Id still wake up with tooth sensitivity. The fact that I only used the strips half the time and I was still happy with the results says a lot though about how effective they are, so I would reccomend if you really want whiter teeth, but be prepared for tooth sensitivity by the 2nd or 3rd use.

  • Suntide25 - I wanted to love it, but apparently I just do not have ...

    I wanted to love it, but apparently I just do not have the skills to work this bad boy. The first time I tried I thought I would have to cut my hair out as it was so stuck. The next time I attempted to use it I made sure my husband was home in case we had another mishap, which were again plentiful. While I did finally get the hang of it doing the front of my head, in order to do the back by "feel" I had many stuck panic moments and hair ripping. As an aside, my hair is fine and straight and this was able to make my hair wavy, but did not hold the curl for more than a few hours, even with hairspray. I'll keep it for special occasions, but wouldn't recommend it unless you have prior curling experience or lots of time to learn it.

  • woody - Another Great Physiological Thriller

    Another great physiological thriller from Mark Edwards, it has plenty of twists turns and blind alleys. I found that my nerves were on edge and my stomach was churning just as it should with this kind of book. Loved it thanks for the ARC.

  • justdave - Quit using it

    My license on this expires in april 2016 but i have removed it from my desktop. It's a little intrusive with all the notices, some you can turn off. I was not impressed with its virus, pup, and malware findings. Things got through it's filters and i un-installed. I'm now running 7 computer security programs and i use different ones for different purposes, all free. Sometimes it's better to one thing well than try to be all things to all situations.