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  • R. Bohannon - Magic Jack Plus really sux!

    I bought a 5 year plan. The call quality started ok, then went downhill. The worst part is that they CHARGE YOU additional fees for making 800# call, calling a conference call in center, and even calling customer support numbers that are neither. They state you can call any US number unlimited. That is simply not true. You cannot call any number that charges them any fee and not part of the IPEC, whatever that is. There is no way to know who you can call. I understand not being able to call 900 numbers and the like, but you can't even call GoDaddy support nor a simple dial in conference number. They need to come clean and clearly mark that there are some numbers you cannot call that may be part of a normal course of business. On top, their customer support was horrid. The new magic jack plus DOES NOT feature many things offered in the past like call forwarding, blocking, etc. None of those features are now offered. Save your money. Buy something else. I am firing "Magic Jack"...that dog doesn't hunt!

  • K. Cosby - Kills Bugs Dead!

    I used Bengal Roach spray for the first time when I was in school at LSU back in the 80s in apartments I rented that always had roaches. A couple of years ago, I had a problem with fleas that our cat picked up and brought into the house along with spotting a few roaches so I thought about this product again. Problem was, in Kentucky, I could not find it locally so I ordered several 16oz cans for inside along with the concentrate to spray around the outside of the house and it worked like a charm just as I remembered 25 years ago. Simple to use, spray along base boards and the inside of cabinets and any roach you have will be a dead one. You'll see them within hours laying on their backs kicking and then, good night! You won't see anymore roaches, spiders, or other bugs once the initial culprits are put out of their misery. The other thing is, you won't have to use this product very often. I only spray annually, if that often and never see any bugs. Don't compare this stuff to Raid, Hot Shot, or other common brands, they aren't even on the same page. This stuff gives better results than anything a pest control company can offer for a fraction of what they would charge. Plus you don't have to worry about allowing a stranger inside your home to spray.

  • erin - Complete kit for Detox

    This was a complete detox kit with the tea diffuser (which is very cute), a complete instruction book which tells you how to use the tea for the most effective detox and weight loss, and of course, the tea itself. One package of tea is for the morning and the other evening tea has no caffeine so you can detox but still get a good night's sleep. I really liked this tea because the taste was very mild, unlike some of the bitter teas on the market. I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

  • me too - 2nd review. first one 5 stars

    First, I will buy a game. But NOT pay to continue using it,, I did sign in with Facebook, and had several friends join.