Southern Paws Animal Hospital - Southern Paws Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary medical facility, located in Indian Land, SC. The professional and courteous staff at Southern Paws Animal Hospital seeks to provide the best possible medical care, surgical care and dental care for their highly-valued patients.We are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventative health care and health-related educational opportunities for our clients. Southern Paws Animal Hospital strives to offer excellence in veterinary care to Indian Land, SC and surrounding areas.

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  • N. White - HIGHLY recommend

    I am in my early 20s and experiencing hair loss. This product started growing new hair within the 1st month. Overall regrowth was outstanding. I regrew about 2cm on my scalp near the middle of my head and grew about 1/2cm from just about my forehead. There hasn't been any new growth since(probably just genetics) but I'm glad that I have regained the surprising amount that I have. I highly recommend this for anyone who, like me, is unfortunately experiencing hair loss as a young age and is self-conscious about losing it. I was depressed for a long time about it (once a few people pointed it out). Thanks to this (inexpensive) product, I am starting to feel my age again! :-)

  • Xavier H. - so far so good

    It is my first time using Kaspersky and I can tell that it runs very smooth and has a lot of integrated functions that increase it value. (virtual keyboard, parental control, safe money, apps watch, etc) overall it is very customizable and has a lot of configuration options, which a really like from a security software. I wish the firewall interface was more easy and friendly as McAfee's but it is not bad at all, I just miss the prompt pop-up mode that McAfee has where before each program connects to the internet you can allow it or not, here in kaspersky it came all allowed by default if it is a trusted program according to their data base. The best of all is the price, 3 PC licenses for 1 year for the price is a total hit!

  • micolearts - Works 4 me

    Perhaps, lass than intuitive, but works for me. Like the ability to create 'what if' budgets. Helps in managing several rental properties

  • Kaitlyn Christina - I've wanted one for so long, I love it!

    I have been wanting a blackhead remover kit for so long! Ever since I discovered Dr. Pimple Popper (Sandra Lee), I have had this weird and gross obsession with these kits. I am so finally that I finally decided to purchase one. It comes in a very, very nice case. The case is a nice leather-like material, it zips open and closed, and it has places inside for each tool to hold them securely in place. Each tool has two ends, so it's really more like 10 tools in 1 kit. They are made of a very high quality material that is very easy to sanitize, and will hold up for a long time of being used. The instructions inside are very easy to follow and give you a description of how to use each tool. I love how easy it is to quickly pack up this kit, and how everything fits into it for traveling easily. This kit is perfect for when you get a really bad sudden breakout, or for the occasional pimple that pops up before something big, like that important business meeting or prom. I love this kit so much and I am so happy to finally have one!

  • Hfineisen - Girl razor

    Head Butler recommended this and its great for those little whiskers that pop out overnight on women's chins. Small jobs. Now shaving is the big girl secret that's out. Use this for small jobs but with a light touch. They are sharp and you don't want to scrape.

  • Adam Starbuck - Ended up breaking after some usage

    I've had this for a while now and the main use was in my car for Bluetooth audio. I noticed about a week ago that it wasn't charging (or at least the red LED charging indicator was not coming on). I did some testing and ended up taking it apart and the micro-USB port became loose on the board, so the battery was not charging. Otherwise, I was happy with the device. It has decent range and battery life is as expected.