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  • Let's begin with an idea of ​​the erosion, where it "lives"? - The anatomical shape of the uterus is pear-shaped. In the vagina appears a narrow part of the "pear" - the cervix. It can be viewed by gynecological mirrors.
  • All about pancreas: symptoms and diagnosis of diseases. - Article: In the case of an unbalanced diet can cause inflammation of the pancreas - pancreatitis. Overeating, and fatty foods, fried foods and supplements.
  • Article: Accurate diagnosis can only be done by a doctor. - Accurate diagnosis can only be a doctor. The disease does not pose a serious danger, but the disease is extremely unpleasant for the patient and uncomfortable.
  • Health: Phimosis - a serious problem 3% of all men on earth. - The causes of phimosis in children physiological. They are related to the fact that the head of the penis and the foreskin is located in an embryonic period.
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  • ZULA - I have dark ash blonde hair or dirty blonde lol and it turned my hair almost rosey

    I have dark ash blonde hair or dirty blonde lol and it turned my hair almost rosey. Like dusty reddish. I am satisfied with it but you should know not to expect it to be spot on eapecially since its temporary. It was fun to do this for a change in color

  • Amazon Customer - I am very satisfied with this product and will continue to purchase

    After having a baby, my hair was shedding so much!! My Hair was thinning on the top of forehead and was soo embarrassed! I started taking Hair Essentials, and in 2 weeks I started getting new growth! I was soo excited. Now almost 2 months into it, i have baby hairs everywhere and its thicker than ever. I am very satisfied with this product and will continue to purchase!

  • A. R. Benedetto - Darn Good Wafflemaker

    This is our fourth "Gravity" waffler. We have not experienced the early heating outage reported by others, though our third one died in the middle of Sunday morning breakfast after many years of faithful once-a-week service. Yes, Belgian waffles EVERY Sunday morning--a ritual!

  • Rick - Tried to like it but the writing just let it down

    With the cast being what it is you would think that this would be just as side splitting at the original but ........ The writing is terrible. The ladies did a good job. The special effects were good. The cinematography is good. The story is terrible.

  • May Kadoody - Take extreme caution.

    A good friend and I perform an annual gift exchange, where we purchase each other the least suitable present imaginable. This year my friend received merkin underpants and I unwrapped "The Conservative Revolution". I congratulated her on winning this round, and threw the book in my drawer ne'er to be seen again.

  • cassie - Excellent

    Very happy with this purchase husband installed in minutes, looks great awesome price compared to dealership prices

  • JayJay - In my boy's top three favourite books!

    Very nice! I usually read this to my son together with "Super Daddy Bedtime Questions" which is another father and superhero related storybook but with a slightly different philosophy. My son is 5 and it appears that he will take after his dad and be a superhero and sci-fi fanatic (yuppeee!!). Very nice pictures and a superhero motif throughout. I like the action in this one. In "Super Daddy Bedtime Questions" i enjoy the humour and the subtle message that superpowers are no match for a father's love. But both books emphasise that in the eyes of a child, a father is a hero and that is why i am very proud that these two books are amongst my son's favourites together of course with Pepa Pig! I guess her dad is cool too! Lol