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  • Mom Of Many - Perfect fit and function

    Fits perfectly. I'm very pleased with this particular product and seller because normally I've been reluctant to switch from film to glass, but right away I noticed how much nicer the tempered glass felt compared to the film and it seems to display the colors better as well. I had no issues getting it on right the first time, where as the films usually require a soapy solution and some maneuvering of the film before you have to wait 24-48 hours for it to "set" properly. This glass protector grabbed onto the phones screen immediately and applied itself. Fun to watch, but didn't require any adjusting whatsoever. One word of caution...DO NOT touch the adhesive or you might see bubbling or other imperfections. It's affordable, easy, and has taken some hits already without showing signs of damage. 5 STARS for sure!! I am a big fan of tempered glass screen protectors and have had no issues with this one so far. I got this particular one, mostly because it was cost effective, but I typically stay away from film ones since they tend to produce more bubbles and have way too many steps involved in placing them. This particular screen protector fit perfectly on my LG G3 and was super simple to put on. I'm not sure if it would take a hit from a hammer as suggested in the marketing, but my phone has taken a few hard hits which has cracked the protectors, but not the glass underneath. Super pleased with this particular product and would most likely purchase from SOOYO again. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion and unbiased review. I review these products fairly and do not let the discount create any bias towards the outcome of my review.

  • Jennie Bernhardt - every household needs witch hazel and alcohol free is even better! Love their products

    Alcohol free witch hazel with rose scent !!!!!!!! Seriously !!!!!! Omg you won't be sorry you bought this , every household needs witch hazel and alcohol free is even better ! Love their products , I have quite a few things and I'm so satisfied with all of it ! Can't wait to try new stuff !!!

  • JohnAMR - Best way to have payroll is just to buy a new copy each year.

    Best way to have payroll is just to buy a new copy each year. I had problems with my software recognizing the new payroll subscription; but QuickBooks T/S was very responsive and helpful in resolving the issue.

  • Amy La - OMG just get it!

    This product is amazing and earth friendly. I own a cleaning business and this is a staple product for me. Check out their website for everything it can do. Much cheaper here on Amazon.

  • Megan T. - Forward Jamaica!!!

    If you already own FIFA 14 on PS3, there are still good reasons to buy this game. First of all, Jamaica had a monumental breakdown in the last stage of Qualifying and now I can rewrite the story. This game features 202 International teams (if Im not mistaken) which is the largest roster of countries assembled. The game lets you play the world cup in whatever length you wish. You can play the final game, the knockout tournament, the group stages/tourney, or the full campaign of 4 years of Qualifying eventually leading up to the finale. There is also a re-vamp to the single player story, which allows you to go from a relative nobody, (competing with teammates for a spot before the next cut), to captaining your country on the grand stage. I recommend this game because the last time I got to play with Jamaica in a game was World Cup 98 and it feels good to hoist the gold for your country, especially if you hail from one that usually gets overlooked. I think many people around the world will buy this game for that reason and I think it will pay off in longevity. 2-3 years from now, no one will be playing FIFA 14, they will be playing FIFA 16-17, but I think this game will persist alongside.

  • BoggyJoe - The ones that cooked right were pretty good.

    Nifty egg poacher. I admit the first few tries went awry as I cooked it too long. Egg all over the microwave. I wasn't sure of my microwave's wattage. The ones that cooked right were pretty good.