Sociedad Colombiana de Pediatría - SCP - La Sociedad Colombiana de Pediatría - SCP es la agremiación pediátrica que reúne el mayor número de especialistas en Colombia, única con reconocimiento nacional e internacional.

Country:, North America, US

City: -95.4739 Texas, United States

  • Arthur B. Babbage - I no longer fear death.

    I found this book under the floorboards of the house I am currently squatting in. I thought 'what could be the harm?' After all, there was nothing else in the house to read. I soon found myself needing to microwave food every time I ate. Oh sure, it starts simple enough, you boil some water in it or heat up your soup, but pretty soon you can't even have a plain old apple without putting it on high for 1:30 minutes.


    I could tell instantly that this movie was going to very disappointing. There was very bad acting, sound quality horrible, background music was weird and I couldn't even watch for 5 min, and I knew it was a really bad B movie!!! Sorry to those who made this movie, but, it just sucks.

  • Rick Kelly - As good as Truefitt & Hill

    For a great shave and smooth skin, The Art of Shaving offers a superior product. This shaving cream is as good as Truefitt & Hill, which is the only other shaving cream I have used, and is supposed to be the cream of the crop(pun intended.) If you look at the ingredients (formula) both companies use, they are basically the same, and listed in the same order. Of course, as with any of these shaving creams, to get the best shave possible you should use a quality brush. I use a premium grade badger brush. I initially used a silver tip badger brush that a friend lent me before I purchased mine, and found no noticeable difference. Regardless of whether or not you use a brush, I believe you will be very satisfied using this product.

  • DbleD's - Light relief

    I'm very happy w/the Light Relief I purchased along w/the Large Pad.The biggest compliant I have is the unit was supposed to have a Long Strap to use My order did NOT contain the Long strap & trying to get one was useless I called Light Relief toll free # I got some girl in India, She said would check on my request for a long strap She didn't come back phone went dead so I called again could not understand the guy named "Steve" (In India)so I requested someone that could speak "English" he gave me another toll free number which I immediately dialed they said "Someone will call you back" )NEVER DID so next day I try again to get a long strap this time was told to call the Company I ordered it from I did they referred me to Light Relief I tried Light Relief again.....they said were unable to help me that I can send this one back & reorder another unit FROM THEM That be a migraine headache So I called Amazon as last resort THEY were very helpful gave me credit on next order from Amazon Still no long strap but am more satisfied than trying to deal w/Light Relief. Light Relief outsouces to India & I found them very difficult to talk to & understand If don't want to talk to you they will just disconnect My unit works just fine & like it but Light Relief has terrible customer support I repeat terrible support

  • Amazoner321 - OMG. So. Excited.

    Update 3/3/2012: I'm pleased to report I've had *totally* different results on my bikini line than on my legs. I'd say I've seen at least a 60% reduction in growth after 3 treatments, maybe more (I'm only 1 week post-treatment so there is still time for more hairs to fall out) - I'm amazed and completely pleased! Still working on my legs, making progress slowly but surely.