Global Adhesive Tape Manufacturer, Manufacturer of Adhesive Tape, Adhesive Tape Manufacturer - Global bonding products and adhesive components manufacturer - linking market needs with adhesive tape solutions. Global Adhesive Tape Manufacturer.

  • Scapa Italia - nastri adesivi speciali - biadesivi - Scapa Italia S.p.A. и parte di Scapa Group plc, produttore globale di una delle gamme piщ complete di nastri adesivi speciali e di schiume adesive, per ogni settore industriale.
  • Scapa Deutchland - Spezialklebebдnder - Klebebдnder - Scapa Deutschland gehцrt zur Scapa Group plc - einem weltweit agierenden Entwickler und Hersteller technischer Spezialklebebдnder fьr fast jeden Industriezweig.
  • Fabricant International de Rubans Adhйsifs, Rubans Adhйsif, Fabricant de Rubans Adhйsifs - Fabricant International de Rubans Adhйsifs - rйpondre aux besoins du marchй par des solutions adhйsives
  • World Class Tape Solutions - World Class Adhesive Tape Solutions - Adhesive Tape Solutions - As a global adhesive tape manufacturer, we base our approach on a deep understanding of our core markets – including cable, automotive, medical and industrial assembly.
  • Electronic Bonding Solutions, Electrical Bonding, Bonding Solutions, Electronic Tape - Secure adhesive tape solutions for modern day electrical devices, such as mobile phones, TVs and laptops, netbooks and tablet PCs.
  • Professional Sports Tape, Hockey Tape, Athletics Tape - Professional sports tape, athtletics tape, hockey tape, builders tape, plumbers tape, decorators tape solutions provider.
  • Industrial Adhesive Tape, Industrial Tape, Industrial Assembly Tape Solutions - Industrial adhesive tape solutions for industry and industrial assembly market applications from Scapa.
  • Wire Harness Tape, Automotive Wire Harness Tape, Automotive Die Cut, Wire Harnessing Tape - Wire harness tape and transportation manufacturing adhesive tape solutions from Scapa.
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape, Manufacturer of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes, PSA Tapes - Global pressure sensitive adhesive tape manufacturer - pressure sensitive adhesive tape solutions manufacturer.
  • Adhesive Tape Finder, Scapa Adhesive Tape Finder, Tape Finder - Scapa adhesive tape finder, find the perfect solution within our extensive adhesive tape range.
  • Aluminium Foil Tape, Duct Sealing Tape, HVAC Aluminium Foil Tape - Aluminium Foil Tapes from Scapa - an aluminium foil tape manufacturer, for all HVAC and electronic applications
  • Acrylic Foam Tape, AFT, AF Tapes, Acrylic Foam - As an acrylic foam tape, AFT, manufacturer, Scapa offer a diverse range of acrylic foam tapes for every application.
  • Adhйsifs pare vapeur, Pare vapeur, Adhйsifs pare vapeur Barnier - La maоtrise des techniques d’isolation et йtanchйitй а l’air. Adhйsifs pare vapeur Barnier. Adhйsifs maison ossature bois
  • Cable Wrapping Tapes, Cable Wrap, Cable Protection Tapes - Cable Wrapping Tapes - as a global cable wrapping tape manufacturer, Scapa provide water swellable, fire retardant, insulative and semi-conductive cable wrapping solutions.
  • Cloth Gaffer Tape - Waterproof Cloth Tape - Cloth Tape - An extensive range of uncoated cloth tapes and waterproof cloth tapes covering all the performance requirements required by various markets
  • Double Sided Tape, Transfer Tape, Double Sided & Transfer Tape - Double Sided Tape and Transfer Tape Manufacturer - Scapa Group plc, double coated tape manufacturer
  • Double sided foam tape, double coated foam tape, foam tapes - Double Sided Foam Tapes - as a double sided foam tape manufacturer, Scapa can provide a wide range of solutions to match your application requirements
  • Single sided foam, single coated foam, single sided foam tapes - Single Sided Foam Tapes - as a single sided foam tape manufacturer, Scapa can provide a wide range of solutions to match your application requirements
  • Flexographic Tape, Plate Mounting Tape, Mounting Tape - Flexographic Plate Mounting Tape - Exafit plate mounting foam tape solutions from Scapa.
  • Heatseal tapes, heatseal splicing tapes, smart card tapes - Heatseal tape manufacturer, as a heatseal tape manufacturer Scapa produce a wide variety of solutions for your individual applications
  • Packaging Tape, Package Tape, Box Tape, Tape for Packaging - Packaging tape manufacturer - as a packaging tape manufacturer Scapa have a wide range of packaging tape solutions for all applications.
  • Masking tape, high temperature masking tape, paper masking tape - Paper Masking Tape Manufacturer - as a masking tape, paper masking tape, high temperature paper masking tape manufacturer we have a wide range of solutions for every application
  • PIB Sheeting - PIB Rubber Sheeting - Thermal Insulation & Trunking - PIB Sheeting - as a PIB Sheeting manufacturer, Scapa offer a range of products for the heating and ventilation market
  • Polyethylene Tape, PE Tape, Polyethlyene Adhesive Tape - Polyethlyene tape manufacturer - as a polyethylene tape manufacturer Scapa provide a wide range of polyethylene adhesive tape solutions
  • PVC Tape, Hazard Warning PVC Tape, Electrical PVC Tape - PVC tape manufacturer - as a global PVC tape manufacturer Scapa have a wide range of PVC tape solutions.
  • Resins & Putties, Cable Epoxy Resin, Cable Putty, Resin and Putty - Resins & Putties - as a resin and putty manufacturer, Scapa provide a broad range of epoxy resin and putty products for various applications
  • Self Amalgamating Tape - PIB, EPR, Self Amalgamating Tape Manufacturer - Self amalgamating tape - as a self amalgamating tape manufacturer we provide a broad range of PIB and EPR tape solutions
  • Specialist Film Tape, Polyester Tape, Kapton Tape - Specialist Film Tapes - Scapa provide a broad range of polyester and kapton technical solutions

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