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  • keher271 - Obviously it works because you're not eating.

    When I did this "cleanse" or whatever it is I was 26 years old, 5'9, and 150 lbs (I hate how people don't put their height and weight in reviews because then when you say I lost 10 pounds, how do I know you weren't 300 pounds when you started?). When I finished I had lost 7 pounds down to 143. Day one was two sucked. I ended up eating a spoonful of peanut butter around 2 pm on day 2 and a couple bites of rice in the evening because I STARVING. I'm one of those people who is hungry ALL THE TIME. I rarely get stuffed I just have to tell myself I've had enough and it's time to stop eating. I hate those people who just get headaches when they're hungry. I get excruciatingly painful stomach aches when I'm's the worst. But surprisingly I was fine on day one! I have no idea how...

  • samantha blaylock - It works!!!

    Wow I cannot believe it worked so good for me! I have thick hair everywhere but the top of my head where my forehead is and it is amazing! I have noticed a huge difference and it is growing so thick with my own hair! I can't say enough how much I love it!!! Don't give up after using it though, it took about a week to see any results.

  • C.C. - Amazing product!

    Awesome service and awesome product. This is one of the best foundations that I have ever used. The coverage is awesome for redness just like it suggests and doesn't look cakey!!

  • lynntriss - Best Product Recommendation I Ever Read

    The WSJ reviewed this a few years ago, and since the first day I tried it way back then, I've been hooked. Just the right amount of coverage, with 20 SPF, in colors that work for me summer and winter. Can't live without it!

  • C. Anderson - Great Buy......Excellent Price...

    EXCELLENT PRICE......Quick Delivery......Product Works so Be Patient - Tried product a few years ago and noticed hair growth, however the product was too costly to continue. Love the price - I will purchase again.

  • Homer Simpson - It saved my car from a junkyard

    My 100K miles 1999 Cutlas is now running without overheating and no more losing coolant into the engine. I did not remove the thermostat because I was so lazy. If I've done that I might as well replace the head gasket. I flushed engine with a $3 bottle of Prestone flush and then drained the radiator. It took me nearly six hours to see clear water running from radiator. I changed engine oil (chocolate oil) then I started the bluedevils work. The engine was quite warm when I added bluedevils solution. I let engine idle for about 90 minutes. Let it could down overnight. Started it up early in the morning and the white smoke came rushing out like crazy. I didn't think it was fixed. Didn't feel good at all when I saw that. When I checked engine oil it was clear. The coolant tank was empty so I added 50/50 coolant and let the engine idle again.