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  • crisylla - it slowly works

    i bought these pills 2 weeks ago and i bought them thinking they'd probally werent going to work for me.its my first time trying BNB but i have seen a slight difference .even my family tells me that my butt is getting bigger.im super skinny size 1 and theyre working so im exited and im going to keep on taking them no matter what haters!say.lol.and btw size one is getting stuck on my behind NOW

  • K. Caudle - TMJ relief

    I have a very severe case of TMJ, which up until recently, had been well controlled with oral NSAIDs. My mom, an arthritis sufferer in just about every joint, recommended this product to me. I know that it says do not put on the face, but I was desperate so I tried it... I am waking up with less pain than without them! I'm doing other things as well, but this helps the morning/overnight pain I get from my TMJ. I cut them in half so that I can concentrate the medication in the appropriate spots. This is not just icy-hot in patch form (they make those) this has actual NSAID medication in it. (Icy-Hot etc. do NOT have the NSAIDs associated with them.)


    Way overpriced!! I purchased this book only because it's required by one of my college classes. You can learn without this book, there are numerous tutorials online and on YouTube that are way more effective than using this textbook. The bottom line is: if you don't have to buy this book, DO NOT DO IT!! Invest your money on something that worth spending that much of money on! Best luck!

  • Sybil - Great Seller and Wonderful book

    Very educational book and it was bought from a wonderful Seller. My son is almost done with this book and he feels very good about it. My son feels the book will make you confident to go in for PSAT. I highly recommend this Seller as well as the book

  • By Kat Justice - I would not recommend this to ANYONE

    Yes it peeled my feet until they were soft and pink. I also got a raging cellulitis (skin infection) in both feet a few days later. I had to go to the emergency room because my feet and lower legs were swollen and red and painful. The doctor explained that the peel had caused microscopic tears in the skin and as it began to peel a buttload of staph bacteria entered my feet which caused a raging infection. It is 3 weeks later and I just finished antibiotics, but my feet are still swollen and red. My doctor told me to NEVER EVER do that again. So all I can say is use at your own risk.