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  • armyofsquirrels - Been Using K&N for years.

    I bought the car (06 Mazda6 with the V6) in 09 with 32K on it. I've been using these filters for about 2 oil changes after I bought the car. I use to use Fram that I would pick up at the local Walmart. After seeing videos of people tearing apart old filters on YouTube I decided wet "Cardboard" wasn't good enough. So I switched to K&N. The difference was noticeable to me at least, the car was just a lot smoother (sounds weird but it was). I usually pick them up at the Local Advance Auto and the Oil (Pennzoil Ultra 5W20) at Walmart. If you buy from amazon and purchase more then 2 its a good deal. At the time of typing this, it was 13.99 before Tax at Advance, and Amazon has them for $9.xx free shipping at 25$. Great Filter. Great Price at Amazon for those who Think Ahead.

  • unhappy_packager - No Improvements since the DOS Version

    If you are a new business looking for an accounting package, do yourself a favor and chose something besides Quickbooks. We have been using Quickbooks for years and are unfortunately locked in since the downtime associated with converting to Microsoft Dynamics would cripple our business (not the cost of the software itself). Intuit forces us to upgrade Quickbooks every three years which is not a huge problem in an of itself. The problem is more that Intuit breaks features with each release rather than adding improvements.

  • lil b - to expensive & poor tasting recipes

    Great information on sugar and the effects it has on your body. You realize the addiction you may have with sugar. With that said its ridiculously expensive to buy all the vitamins and ingredient's. The recipes are horrible! You can barley swallow some of them. If it doesn't taste good you can't stick to it. Dr. Oz shows ways to eat healthier and still have it taste good, something you can stick with. I paid full price the day this book came out and should have waited to read reviews. This is not for the every day average folks as you will spend over 300.00!!!. Save your money and buy a diabetic book and a healthy recipe book with recipes you may actually enjoy.

  • Tita - Best thing I've ever tried for my irritable bowl issues

    Best thing I've ever tried for my irritable bowl issues. Takes bloating away, helps me go regular I can't say enough. The fact that it is GMO free and safe makes me feel all the better about using it. Every morning and I'm good to go lol lol no pun intended.

  • Renee King - Very nice hair treatment

    I received this hair mask on time and undamaged. I could not wait to start using it. I have heard about hair masks before but was kind of hesitant to use them on my very fine very curly hair. Following the instructions, I applied the mask generously after washing. I let it sit on my hair for about 20 to 30 minutes and then rinsed it out with some cool water. Boy did it make my hair soft! I did still have to use Argan oil to keep the flyaways at bay, but all in all I'm very satisfied with this hair mask. I will probably use it once a week until it's gone and then I will re-order it. I recommend this hair mask to anyone that has any kind of problems with dry hair.

  • Barbara - Wish they would get out of the dark ages!

    I bought ACT a year ago, thinking that I would have a great system to market to my clients and prospects. It didn't work because ACT was not compatible with Outlook 10. Here we are a year later, and they still are not up to speed with the 64bit Outlook 10. Really? When will I ever get to take advantage of all these features they brag about? For such a great system, they should be more up to speed with current technology.

  • Kacey - 120 count! Great deal!

    Prenatal vitamins are extremely important to take prior to conception, all the way through breastfeeding. It is so nice to see a 120 count bottle at a reasonable price ($20). When purchasing prenatal vitamins I make sure they have all the nutrients I need. This one has folic acid, iron, calcium, and D3.